🇺🇸 Scottish Guy Tries PORTLAND, OREGON Food for the first time 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

🇺🇸 I’m in Portland, Oregon – in my first few hours in the city, I try a local favourite foods – watch my playlist from Portland here: Read my newsletter blog ‘Scottish Man in America’ here:

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🎥 About this video – In today’s video, I am in Portland, Oregon. I head to Jake’s crawfish place in the downtown area and try some seafood étouffée. We then head to the Pharmacy, a local bar, before crashing at our hotel, the Mark Spencer.

00:00 – intro
00:19 – leaving the Mark Spencer hotel
01:46 – arriving at Jake’s Crawfish
06:04 – going to the Pharmacy

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Hey, I’m Shaun. Thanks for checking out my channel. I am a video blogger from Scotland, and on this channel I share everything about my life as a Scottish guy living in Edinburgh, as well as my passions, which are travel, food and adventure. I use travel as a way to face my fears, see the world and meet people. In these videos I am sharing my experience of travelling through America


  1. 🦞👮🏻‍♂️ For all the crawfish police in the comments, the stuff I ate was marked as a Jake’s speciality. It was also local produce. So, it might be a Louisiana dish but it was 100% a Portland experience 🫴 🎤

  2. This city is a disaster… im a native and its not what is it was when we had the big boom 5 years ago when California's were moving up here… and now everyone wants out. You won't even catch me east of Burnside anymore near old Town, China Town. Day or night…

  3. Actually, that was a taste of the South, believe it or not. While crawfish are in the wild here in Oregon, they're not really super popular as a food here (certainly not as much as in Louisiana.) Etoufee is a Cajun/Creole dish that originated in the New Orleans area. Portland has food from many regions of the United States, as well as a few unique tastes (the local cheese and beer is outstanding.) For a real taste of Portland, try one of the unique fusion restaurants downtown, or have some salmon or Dungeness crab. As far as crab goes, only Alaskan King is better than Dungeness for flavor.

  4. I am sure others must have said already, but etoufee is Cajun food from Louisiana. I am sure Jake's must do it well, though, but it's not traditional Pacific NW food. Having lived in both areas, I can say Louisiana's food is a bit better, but that doesn't mean Pacific NW is bad. Also, I watched another video where you enjoyed chicken fried steak and that is also southern not Pacific NW. Out here, you should try Dungeness crab, Pacific salmon, clams, Penn Cove mussels, cherries etc. It's really great to see places out here doing southern food well, though, as unfortunately that's not always the case. Next time I get down to Portland, Jake's wil be on my agenda. Thanks!

  5. Portland is a great place for snacks. Over 850 different kinds of foods in the food carts scattered throughout the city alone. One positive of the pandemic is the great chefs setup outdoor dining so the already good food cart game went next level

  6. Jakes is pretty old school Portland for sure. That and Huber’s which is the oldest bar in town and invented the Spanish coffee. The east side neighborhoods are where more of the modern food scene is located and the various food cart pods around town are a must visit as a lot of great local chefs start out with just a food cart and you can find some fantastic food in those pods. But if anyone is visiting Portland don’t just stay downtown go to the east side neighborhoods main streets like Belmont, Hawthorne, division, Alberta, Mississippi among others. Portland is a fantastic city for World class beer, wine, weed, coffee, and food.

  7. Bit suspect here mate.. in most of Oregon we call em Crawdads .. not Crawfish.. while east coasters call em Crayfish. It's a funny thing about regional sayings.. like I live on a Crick but North calls them Creeks. 'I'm going down to hunt crawfish in the creek' .. while we'd say 'gonna get crawdads at the crick'. Another thing to watch out for is people from California will put a 'the' in front of the road name .. like 'i'm going down the i5.. or the 101'.. while in Oregon we say 'We're going down 101 or i5' .. So you can always spot a cali if they say that. Kind of like you can tell a Glaswegian from someone from Edinburgh. Cheers love the story so far. Hope you got a Hotdog in Langlois OR

  8. Too bad you weren’t in Portland before 2012 when “Old Portland” lived up to its slogan, “Keep Portland Weird.” You might have enjoyed it much more.
    Before, not only was it a college town, but there were an abundance of artists and creatives…and social activists. People really cared about the place. It was less materialistic, more spontaneous, even a little more bohemian. We started losing a lot of that even before Trump showed up.

  9. The etouffee looked great, that is really from Louisiana and the Gulf coast, not something I would associate with the North West. When I think Oregon and Washington I think salmon, apples, berries, coffee and beer!

  10. Just as you were leaving Jakes the camera panned over the front window in the bar where my husband and I had a lovely couola late night drinks last November, looking out at the rainy street & neon signs. Felt like I was in a Hopper painting. We didn’t eat there, but clearly a great old spot. Love Portland for many reasons, but also for all its older downtown buildings & establishments – nothing to the UK obviously, but interestingly it has an older feel than the SF Bay Area, where I’m from, even though same coast & similar history in the US.

  11. If you enjoyed the Etouffee in Portland you should try it in Louisiana made by the Cajun cooks. If you have the opportunity do so. It will send you to food heaven

  12. The dishes you had at Jake's are not usually associated with the Pacific Northwest. They are associated with Louisiana, places like New Orleans. But if it's good, it's good. 🙂

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