10 Reasons NOT to move to Portland, Oregon.

I live in the Portland Oregon Metro area and I want to tell you about it. 3 years ago I did a video about the top 10 reasons not to move to Portland Oregon that really help launch this channel. In those 3 years, things have changed.
Not the stereotypical things like rain, cloudy skies, beer, and strip clubs.
Those will be here forever and they won’t be in this video.
Today we are going to be looking at reasons that might make you want to not move to Portland, Oregon. Riots, protests, homeless, overly sensitive people, housing cost, mass evictions, Portland has it all.
So, before you call a real estate agent and talk to a mortgage broker you should watch this video to make sure you know before you go.
And learn about a city, its people, and its geography.
The Portland, Oregon metro area and its surrounding suburbs like Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Aloha, and Tigard is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the United States with a lot of people moving here from Idaho, California, and Montana.

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  1. OMG dude you are spot on! This was your best Portland or Oregon video, so freakin funny and true. Im a fan.

  2. As for the micro aggression, im going to tell you the truth. As a brown person i have had too many white people ask me "where are you from" then i say im from san diego then I KID YOU NOT theyve asked me after my response "no, where are you REALLY from" ive even reported a white teacher for asking me that then trying to talk to me in spanish, i dont even really know spanish!! So yes its a real thing and i wont apologize for my experiences as a brown person living in america.

  3. OMG I'm so offended….That I haven't seen this before. I live in Vancouver, WA, the sane sister city of Portland. We moved out of there at warp speed when about 10 years ago due to the over abundance of Hipster BS. Brother, you nailed Portland perfectly. We avoid it like a millennial avoids personal responsibility.
    Raleigh, NC, here we come!

  4. You forgot on the public transportation part about the WES commuter rail. Spend $18 a ticket to ride from Wilsonville to Tigard, and that ticket price still isn’t enough with how few people actually use it to keep it going without, you guessed it… more taxes.

  5. Yes all your saying about Portland Oregon I do have the same apinion wow? Usually I dont like what people say negatively about my town but its all very true yes people who are descent in Portland are angry about how Portland is turning out and our politics only worry about them self I feel anyways

  6. I've lived in Portland my entire life. Im ashamed to admit I never knew Reed college had a nuclear reactor. Guess it's good in closer to Damascus.

  7. Hey bro, I'm a fan and love your video. However, you're more than welcome to have your perception on things, but referring to gender neutrality as "this crap" is not ok to your viewers/subscribers, especially since what they identify as shouldnt affect you. Tbh, I don't understand it either, however, if someone wants me to refer to them as "they" and not "her" then it's fine, I won't lose any sleep over it. Be more open-minded my brother, please

  8. Damn it Briggs, being offended it so a skill. If you honestly believe it's not, you haven't lived here long enough . . . Go back to LA or where ever else you came from. I've got a degree in being offended from PSU. It was easy, going to PSU is offensive. Meet me under the St. Johns Bridge and I'll show it to you! Thanks Briggsy.

  9. Portland, OR: You turned them against me!
    Much of (the rest of) America: You have done this yourself!

    Portland native speaking on behalf…

  10. It takes all of about 5 minutes of being in Portland to make a normal person realize that liberalism is a plague that ruins everything it touches.

  11. I fell in love with Portland, OR, twenty years ago when I visited the city. Now, I believe Portland is falling apart. Such a shame. So sad!

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