Today we share these reasons to visit Portland Oregon, looking at what is Portland famous for. We also include tips for visiting Portland, why visit Portland and more in this Portland Travel Guide. We talk about the food in Portland, the things to know before visit Portland, travel tips Portland Oregon and more.

Known as a hip, cool and trendy place to visit, there are many reasons to visit Portland. Historically a shipping port, this city has transformed itself into a place of nightlife hub, unique neighbourhoods and funky culture.

1. The food – Everywhere you go in Portland, you will find a food truck and this is our first reason to visit. It has been suggested that the city is home to over 500 food trucks, offering a diverse array of options for you to choose from; from Greek to hot dogs, pizza to Polish and everything in-between. You can even find desert food trucks, selling gourmet crepes and donuts.
2. Pods – This leads on to our next reason to visit, the pods. There are whole corners of blocks in Portland, dedicated to food trucks. These are known as pods in the city and make eating out with fussy eaters much much easier. Plus, this offers a relaxed, chilled out evening for those not looking to head to one of the many nightclubs in downtown Portland.
3. Small town feel – One reason to visit Portland is for that small town feel. The city is laid back and full of charming neighbourhoods to explore. This gives the city a homely, small town feel that you see in those hallmark movies.
4. The Downtown area – Once you have finished exploring the different neighbourhoods, make sure you explore downtown Portland too. It is full of historic landmarks, is incredibly walkable and has a beautiful waterfront location beside the Willamette River. Plus, not only can you walk around the downtown area easily but there is a great public transport system of cheap and reliable buses and trams.
5. The Weather – The Weather in Portland is known to be foggy and rainy but there is something so warming and cosy about it. When the heavens open, tuck away in a. Coffee shop or head to one of the many quirky restaurants in the city. Plus, it doesn’t actually rain here that much and the summers are warm and pleasant.
6. The People – The people are Portland are like no other. They push buying organic produce, supporting local businesses, animal welfare and care for the environment. Recycle fashion and Urban agriculture is the cool thing here so, o matter where you go, you will sure find someone interesting to chat to.
7. The Beer – With over 70 breweries, of course Portland was going to be a place for beer! Enjoy a sample flight, visit the different breweries and get drinking.
8. Biking city – With wide bike lanes and the green bike boxes at intersections of crossing roads, it is no wonder that biking around the city is so popular. This and the lack of hills has led to Portland consistently being in the top greenest cities in the USA each year, which is just one more reason to visit.
9. The Nature – Just outside of Portland is some incredible nature spots. Mr Hood is a 11,000 foot snow-capped volcano whilst Forest Park is a dense forest with trails that spreads across 5100 acres.
10. The price – and perhaps one of the most important reasons to visit Portland Oregon is the price! Happy hours all over the city include beers under $5 and food specials for under that. You can feast from food trucks for under $10 and public transport is super cheap too!

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  2. And if you don't like it you can just set your own autonomous zone and do what ever you want. They will even prevent the police from breaking it up.

  3. Can I fire bomb a public building, assault a driver in their car, get arrested and bailed out all in one night by the DNC as a part of my trip? Are there group packages?

  4. You can get meth,heroin, STDs, murdered,robbed,raped and watch the town burn every night. A glorious vacation destination

  5. We have lived in Portland since 1984. It is now a boarded up, garbage filled, dump. Until the voters elect intelligent leaders it is not safe or enjoyable to live here. Don’t even think about about raising children here. This video is a total joke.

  6. Beautiful Portland…One of the homeless capitals of the U.S.. Careful how you sidestep the human feces, don't want to step on a syringe. Once beautiful country absolutely Destroyed by pathetically inept government.

  7. Just S pent 2 weeks in Portland. It’s a nasty filthy disease ridden experience. It would take a decade to clean up the garbage. This woman is absolutely lying to you.

  8. You need to add Sugar Street Bakery and Bistro on this list. Honestly the cupcakes are ridiculously Delicious and they are named after Portland streets…. Naito, Pettygrove, Alberta, etc. This place is so popular but still a lot of non locals have no idea about it!

  9. Portland is a crappy dirty dangerous town I know I live here . Moving soon. The city leaders are paid by blm , cnn republican haters.

  10. There is absolutely NO REASON to visit Portland unless you love constant rain, homeless people all over, packing their stolen grocery carts full of the garbage they choose to keep… the other garbage is strewn all over town. Oh and don't think you can walk on the sidewalks… they are full of cardboard houses and tarp tents. And watch out for the drug paraphernalia… due to all the druggies hanging out! Don't rely on the police for protection because they aren't prosecuting the "peaceful" protestors who throw things at them like water bottles or plastic chairs, for example. The nitwit mayor, Wheeler, knows all about that! When he was trying to have a "chat" with them, they threw a water bottle and hit him in the head! Didn't knock any sense into him! Yeah, Portland is definitely the place NOT TO VISIT! Go somewhere that has rules and regulations that people follow. Portland is NOT IT! To get the REAL PICTURE… on Youtube… Downtown Portland: 01/19/21 The Shithole it has become. Great pics of what it really looks like!

  11. isnt portland the god awful hellhole that gets burned to the ground by burn-loot-murder every other week?

  12. This British narrator needs to walk around Portland. Portland is not a city deserving of this fantasy tour. It once was but definitely not now. It has extreme problems that are intentionally not dealth with. Problems that have a huge impact on both residents and tourists.

  13. Would you recommend Portland for a lone traveller? Any tips for friendly areas of the city to stay?

  14. When I was 5 my mom told us that we were moving to Oregon, she said that it was more fun than Disney land, and I believed her until I got here, 7 years later I still don’t fit in as a Cali kid in a state that does this crappy weather and asks Idaho to hold its beer😆

  15. The best place to get free stuff and take out your aggression on buildings and business owners!

  16. Been in Oregon 20 years. Live in the burbs in Beaverton. Worst thing here are the food truck hours of operation and consistency. A lot of food carts will no open on time or be closed without any notification. Weekends are the worst. The work week most are open. Many times I found a food cart on Yelp and drove 25 mins plus to find out the cart was closed.

  17. In British accent, because Americans love that. “Come visit Portland and its homelessness and riots. Don’t forget to rent a bicycle and buy some spray paint! Get some giggles throwing veggies at the police, piss in the streets, shit on a fire hydrant. Act now to get a limited ‘I puked in a drum circle in Portland and all I got was this T shirt’ shirt! Our snow globes have garbage from the streets in them to mimic the ambers from the riot fires gently showering peace on earth! Come to Portland…where the high hand is our greeting!”

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