10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to Portland, Oregon

Portland is a lousy place. If you live there, this is no surprise. Here are ONLY 10 of the reasons why you should never move to Portland, Oregon.

Portland. It used to be such a cool place. One of America’s neatest cities. The architecture, the culture, the funky neighborhoods and community cohesion. The sense of place and uniqueness and just outright charm – this city had an identity and vibe that was hard to match. Now, there’s definitely an identity and vibe that’s hard to match too, but not in a good way.

Of course, parts of downtown Portland still have some neat aspects to em, and the WHOLE place isn’t trashed and filled with out of control protesters. And if you looked REALLY hard – like REALLY hard, you could maybe find an affordable place to live that isn’t ruined.

But Portland is NOT a family friendly place anymore, nor one that you should consider moving to in order to begin a family. I guess it’s a relevant place if you’re young and lead an alternative lifestyle and like to break things and yell and scream a lot.

So, let’s unpeel the gross, urine stained layers of this city and talk about 10 reasons Portland Oregon sucks.

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Portland Protest
Portland Homeless
Portland filth
Downtown Portland
Portland homeless 1
Dirty sidewalk
Boarded up:
Boarded Up 2
Portland Homeless
Portland fire

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  1. If you're walking your fully vaccinated and neatly groomed toy Husky puppy by a mentally ill homeless person sitting on the ground, then please, think, really think, about where YOUR humanity lies. Multiply this by 10,000, and you have Amerika 2021. People have given up on the mentally ill and the meek, and the vultures (pharm, illicit pharma, weapons manufacturers), are capitalizing.

  2. 1. Nick has identified PROBLEMS with Portland. 2. the SOLUTION is to STOP VOTING for the crazy leftist DEMOCRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I live in Portland this is 100% true but i still have love for the city, but I like the suburbs better its more safe. I now live in Beaverton.

  4. He didn't even mention the TERRIBLE traffic. I lived in Beaverton and had a job in Portland. My commute to and from work was over 2 hours every day, mind you this is a 12 mile drive.

  5. When are the residents of Portland going to get off their butts and fight back, before it gets to point., you can not sell your home. It is the same thing for the U.S., get off your butt and fight back against the democrats and biden.

  6. Im from SE Portland. Lots of gang violence now that the police are defunded. I’ve been in 2 shootings so far this year. With the increase in crime, the police are overwhelmed.

    I was put on hold for at least 15 minutes when I tried to call 911 to get police to respond to a gunfight. Good luck calling an ambulance or the police if you ever need them in Portland

  7. It was so beautiful when I moved here 15 years ago. I felt truly at home. Nowadays it's so bad I want to just moved to Iceland to get away from Portland as much as possible. I can't believe the difference between then and now. I moved to Troutdale Oregon and its still not far enough.

  8. '…maybe you have to step over human faces in the street, but it wasn't that big of a deal' great to hear Portland had a golden era..!

  9. A general rule of thumb, don't ever listen or pay attention to hard core drug addicts and what their stance on politics or really pretty much anything is…the only way to fix liberal states or cities is to burn them down and start over. Rebuild.

  10. I live in Ohio. Akron, Ohio, which is the most Democrap place in Ohio and we don't have any of this nonsense. The problem-DEMOCRATS! DEMOCRATS! DEMOCRATS!

  11. Does it have to do with Democrats running the City and state that city is in Meltdown? Im asking as a Non-American

  12. Just accept it Democrat run cities will all fail Drugies and thugs don't pay taxes. they all are just going to turn into giant soup kitchens and Methadone clinics and they will want the rest of the state to support them and in a Democrat state sure why not! get out while you can.

  13. The wife and i moved to PDX Thanksgiving 2020. It's great but the city HAS to come to some realities about itself and make itself affordable. There are 2 bed 2 bath "luxury" apartments starting at $3200 that have homeless camps DIRECTLY across the street – why pay that to live in constant fear of being mugged by junkies every time you walk out the door of your building?

  14. This video is so right on. It’s sad. I have theory that if Portland keeps going down hill. It will become unincorporated. There law in Oregon which allows people to vote city’s to become unincorporated.

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