10 Things you MUST Know Before Moving to Portland Oregon [2021]

10 Things you MUST Know Before Moving to Portland Oregon [2021] – Are you thinking of moving to or relocating to Portland Oregon or Vancouver Washington?

Well There are 10 Things you MUST Know Before Moving to Portland Oregon and you are not going to believe #1

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  1. Actually, the real thing they wonโ€™t tell you is the city government will never ever help you. They just donโ€™t give a shit!

  2. Moving from Dallas Tx to Portland. My wife works downtown Portland at a hospital. Looking for a place to raise a family. We just need an apartment for right now. Any good apartment?

  3. Moving to Vancouver in June for a short while. I wasn't sure how I felt about Portland County in particular the metro area, but I'm starting to look forward to it, especially all the cool surrounding nature.

    Edit: The idea to look up Airbnb as a short term rental option was great. Thanks a lot!!

  4. Where is a good Bike shop so I could get a Bike for commuting? I'm looking for a good Mountain Bike so I could work off of for food delivery. If anyone knows I have never been to Portland.

  5. One thing I won't miss about the South is toll ways and the heat in Texas. I don't think it gets that hot in Portland in the Summer. Houston's heat is real.

  6. In Portland are there a lot of international food markets? Like Whole Food Market I like certain European food I ate some European food when I was in Chicago. I'm more into French food than Polish cuisine.

  7. Worked with Heather and Addy and team on our relocation to Portland from California. They were/are awesome throughout the process and we are loving living in the NW Portland quadrant.

  8. My wife & I have been looking to relocate to Portland and are interested in a downtown high rise condominium. You donโ€™t seem to talk much about that option, but from what weโ€™ve seen in the market lately, downtown condos seem to be going counter to the rest of the market in that they are staying on the market for a long time and selling for lower than list price. Do you find this to be true?

  9. You forgot that Portland has turned into Gotham City.. youโ€™re likely to see disturbing things multiple times a week all over portland. thereโ€™s garbage everywhere. This week I chased a guy off that chased a teenage girl into our salon. Screamed at another guy in SE that was strangling his dog right there on an off ramp.

  10. I need a water proof jacket like I had last yr. I'm an outdoor person this will be my first time going to the West Coast I have never been to California either

  11. Lived in Woodstock for four years when I went to college, now moving back after 6 years on the east coast!

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