22 Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

22 Places to Explore in Portland – Portland is an awesome city full of great food, unique attractions and awesome outdoor activities. I love spending time there and made this video to share some of my favorite spots in Portland.

Here is a list of all of the places I visit in this video and let me know what I left off in the comments.

1. Japanese Gardens / International Rose Test Garden
2. Powell’s Books
3. Mill Ends Park
4. Oregon Historical Society Museum
5. Portland Aerial Tram
6. McMenamins Kennedy School
7. Lan Su Chinese Garden
8. Tom McCall Waterfront Park
9. Voodoo Doughnut
10. Rocky Butte
11. The Grotto
12. Multnomah Falls / Columbia River Gorge
13. Cathedral Park / St Johns Bridge
14. Witch’s Castle
15. Wine Tasting in Tualatin / Willamette Valley
16. Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai
17. Pine State Biscuits
18. Pok Pok
19. Salt & Straw
20. Huber’s Cafe
21. Coffee Shops
22. Breweries

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  1. Just wanted to say, been watching travel vlogs for awhile now and you are one of my top 5 favorites for sure. Love that you do the voice over after. Super HQ. Well prepared, edited, and produced. Kudos my dude.

  2. Omg I’m going to Portland this weekend and I’m excited to see what’s open since COVID is rising again here in california

  3. I do not recommend Rocky Butte at night. Sketchy. Drugs and prostitutes. Unless you like that sort of thing.🙃

  4. How can you not mention Portland’s awesome districts like, Hawthorne, Division, Alberta, Mississippi, Nob Hill?

  5. Thank you for showing Portland, and not making a video like Nick Johnson or The World According to Briggs where they focus on one bad part of Portland and then exploit it for their political agenda. Portland is a beautiful city with lots of to do, and you showed it nicely.

  6. You need to add Sugar Street Bakery and Bistro on this list. Honestly the cupcakes are Delicious and they are named after Portland streets…. Naito, Pettygrove, Alberta, etc. This place is so popular but still a lot of non locals have no idea about it!

  7. Be sure to go black heart for breakfast on the south side. Their raspberry pancakes and shrimp and grits are to die for. 🖤

  8. If Portland was a beautiful city that attracted wholesome families to go live in, it's no longer that. Now it's Los Angeles 2.0. With all the horrible Californian post-modern trends that make something that used to resemble a town/city uninhabitable and overpopulated. It's like witnessing a beautiful forest transformed into a festering puss-dripping ulcer. Portland only has beautiful 20th century architecture in it's residential neighborhoods because Western people's made it so. Portland only has hospitals and schools because Western people's made it so. But now in 2021, Portland is almost entirely filled with those who do not appreciate Western civilization's contributions. Almost to the degree where they openly celebrate the usurped host culture as it's overrun and defiled by the gang-culture and pop-culture bullcrap sent here by California's bottomless pit of desecration.

  9. Things to do in Portland Oregon, run for cover, board up your businesses, buy a weapon to defend yourself, get the hell out of their, wear a gas mask, sight see the homeless camps. City of woke Democrat nonsense.

  10. Unfortunately, Portland has been completely shutdown as of March 2020 because of when the Coronavirus Pandemic that first struck PDX. Portland is not the only city destroyed by the pandemic, NYC, Austin Denver, LA, Seattle, Chicago, etc all have been destroyed back to the third world by this Pandemic. Lets find ways to fight back the pandemic

  11. thank you for this! I'm planning on visiting Portland at the end of october.. is 8 days enough to see everythibg?

  12. This is one guys personal choices and as a lifelong Portlander I can’t argue with any of his picks, although as you can tell from the other comments there’s much more to see and do in the “City of Roses”. Unfortunately, one of his picks is no longer available. The restaurant Pok Pok closed its doors permanently in October 2020.

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