2K16 (EP 16) Interstate 205 in Portland, Oregon (Featuring Aaron Rift)

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  1. Whoa!!! There is a rest area/scenic site just past Northbound Exit 10 on I-205 that is very beautiful and interesting!!! You can see Willamette Falls and (I think) Mt. Hood from the same rest area (extreme ends). Willamette Falls is the first place in the U.S. where electricity was generated by falling water. I always assumed it was Niagara Falls, but this event preceded that. You cannot see the falls while driving. You actually have to get out of the car at the rest area, but it is worth the extra time, at least in my opinion (said the ex-Midwesterner).

  2. Pedantic nitpick: the last section of 205 to open was actually the bit near rocky butte, due to a legal battle related to the county jail there.

  3. Great ride up the I-205 Kyle! I've not been north of I-84 that I remember except to fly out of Portland one time to get back to the Heartland in one very long day! I've tricked out and back just never into Washington State yet. Thanks for sharing Kyle! 110%!!! Mark in Iowa.

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