4K Virtual Walking Tour through Portland Downtown, Oregon State – City Walks

Enjoy 5 HOURS of the virtual walking tour to Portland, the Oregon’s largest metropolis, while watching this amazing 4K 60fps city walk video. Walk along local streets and explore this laid back city with a small town feel, filled with charming neighborhoods and a hip downtown area. Discover Portland Downtown filled with cultural institutions, trendy restaurants and cozy cafés. Admire the beauty of the Willamette River while walking along the city promenade and enjoy a beautiful combination of urban and natural scenes. Explore the iconic Portland Sky Bridge and enjoy city panoramas. Its glass panel walls overlooking Portland’s Willamette River and Tom McCall Waterfront Park will help you to feel the special charm of this city. Be enchanted by the gorgeous cityscapes of Portland Downtown and get inspired for your trip. Don’t miss a chance to explore new countries and cities together with 4K Urban Life!

Video from: Portland, Oregon
Video resolution: 4K UHD 60fps
Video type: city life video
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Filmmaker: Agnius Narkevicius
Editor: Shestakov Andrey
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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Portland, the largest city in Oregon, is considered by many to be one of the most desirable places to live in the US. Portland is undoubtedly a beautiful city with green spaces that make this city very picturesque. Discover the best places of this city with our city life video in 4K 60fps and enjoy true city life! You can watch this video to get inspired, motivated, or just stay productive at work. Relax and discover the best cities to visit in the US without leaving your home!

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2) Travel and see the most popular attractions in Portland.
3) Perfect background video for any waiting room, office, lobby, etc.
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5) Explore city life as it is and decide whether you want to visit Portland before you arrive to.

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  1. i knew it! these liberal streets are as clean as can be. no poop anywhere. it was all a lie. nothing to see here but beauty!!

  2. You will vote leftist progressive Oregonians
    Because you are brainwashed/indoctrinated when you move
    to another state

  3. It is great to see people goes back to real life, live their life freely! Hope Corona pandemic will be over soon. Thanks and success for your channel, greetings from Bali Indonesia!

  4. I feel like i am belonging there! Every single thing fits. I am happy about all of things happened, even the things some will say "bad". Of course, not everybody is same and it is a big city, so there is a order and stuff, but i love pot is legal, bike is import, and the naked bike tour(these things shows the point of view of people to life). And physically, the buildings, lights(i am in love with the color of light, it is like gray+brown), quietness, weather(it is mostly rainy which is also great!). Flora(type of the trees), seasons(mostly autumn!). If i was god, i would create exactly this city. Love you, and hopefully see you, some day portland.

  5. You do too much jumping around, you don't know how to record a city walk worth squat. I'm from Portland, you did a horrible job portraying downtown.

  6. was this before covid? because i haven't seen anybody wear any masks. granted it is outside, but there are usually a couple people who wear them outside

  7. This kind of videos are really awesome, you get to know different cities from your home, the internet is amazing

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