8 MYTHS of Portland Oregon DEBUNKED!! ANTIFA?

This is the BEST video talking about the biggest 8 MYTHS of Portland Oregon DEBUNKED!! ANTIFA? is Portland as bad as they say?

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  1. People are misinformed, antifa is NOT AN ORGANIZATION. It literally just means you are against facism. So yes, there are a lot of anti facists here in Portland. There is also racism here as there is everywhere unfortunately.

    Most protests are in downtown if that’s what you’re worried about. Portland is fun, quirky and friendly for the most part. Big houseless problem that needs to be addressed. 2baker

  2. apparently
    thanks to the "new" google I am seeing fucktards and their channels like this one pop up in my feed fucking YEARS after they lost all relevance and even a shred of real life……fuckit thumbs down even when you kunts made this video you were lying out your asses or so progressive programed that you could not see the burning building till your ass was on fire

  3. God. I gotta say a lot of these 'myths' are only mentioned because they are prevalent enough where a majority of people are affected by them often enough for them to be note worthy.

    It rains here 9 months of the year. From September to May, you are looking at AT LEAST raining 50-75% of the days in each month. Maybe that's a drizzle or maybe it's a torrential down pour. It's always at the very least dark grey over cast. November through February we literally only get 2-4 hours of sunlight a day because what little light we do have in the shorter day light hours, most of it gets blocked out by thick overcast clouds.

  4. "nobody tries to push their political views on you."

    Very wrong.

    I'm gonna say it depends a lot on your age demographic, and what sort of work environment you're in. I am actually leaving Portland specifically because of how Left it is, and because of how charged the political activism is. It's not that people are out right trying to shove their political ideas down your throat. It's more a consistent undertone of implication that your political beliefs should be a certain way, and reinforcing through shaming and social exclusion.

    People wear their very left leaning politics on their sleeve here. They are VERY vocal.

    Also, the Antifa thing: I worked right next to Pioneer Square for 6 months and regularly saw Antifa march and hold demonstrations. Twice even where a bus load of SWAT team (or riot control officers I guess) had to follow them around to make sure ANOTHER riot didn't break out.

    Just look up "Portland Antifa Riot" in the youtube search bar.

  5. Great video. LMAO, yeah Antifa is NOT a thing here. Regarding these "myths", it really depends where you're moving from. A large city or small town? Traffic from LA metro with approx 13 Million people is not as bad compared to PDX metro of 2.5 Million. That's just statistics. But compared to how PDX was not too long ago, it SUCKS. Anyone else notice that drivers seem to be more rude? I'm not naming names cough (Cali). If you're from a large city this won't seem bad, if you're from a smaller city traffic will suck.
    Not everyone is a super far left Liberal but the ones that are, are LOUD and extremely obnoxious! So 1 PNW Liberal, as I like to call them, can feel like 100. They definitely give the "regular" liberals a bad name.
    Are we talking rain or are we talking drizzling, cloudy and grey outside everyday? There is a difference. But thanks to global warming over the years the rain isn't as bad as it use to be. Instead of 9 months of rain we now have 7.75 months of rain LOL.
    The question is are you moving from a large city or a smaller city? From a larger city-these are all myths. From a smaller city- these are all facts πŸ˜€ ………………..Antifa ha

  6. Your traffic comments are BS. Sometimes, it will take me as much as 1-1/2 hours to get from Tigard to NE Portland after work. I-84 east bound from I-5 is a particular nightmare.

  7. yo, i'm born and raised a portlander. been to schools in sherwood, all the way to troutdale. nice video, but you guys should've probably researched or fact checked the antifa thing. they do exist but really only show up when fascist groups threaten minorities' events. specifically acting as security for lgbt folks the last two years at the trans pride parades, due to Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer. i think that speaks for your number 3 myth, in that we do have a masked group of mini captain america's who punch nazi's, while we also have trump suckling bible thumpers who carry "god hates gays" picket signs at pride events. riseup dot net is where you can find more info about how to volunteer at local events and report on fascist activity in our cities. and btw, it's not a "real" organization because anyone who's against fascism, is "anti-fascist".. aka antifa. have a good one, guys! πŸ™‚

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