9 Best Portland Oregon Suburbs to Live in

Learn the 9 Best Portland Oregon suburbs to live in! When moving to Portland Oregon it can be a confusing place so I cover some of the best neighborhoods and suburbs that you can live in Portland in this video!

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  1. I grew up in West Linn and it's my personal opinion that it's being ruined as we speak; waiting for it to become as depressing and ugly as Wilsonville (which WAS a part of WL until it got too big….Hell I don't think Stafford exists anymore,does it?). WL has lost its small town, everyone knows everyone feel, and I'm sorry but there IS still an attractiveness in that.
    Really nice video though….first time running across you—-Thank you for sharing.

  2. All of portland sucks. Beautiful parks, affordable living and trees dont make up for living around a bunch of lame ass hipsters and undercover racist that all live in their little oregon bubble. And I won't get even get into the police and the politics. Also dont think your going to get a warm welcome. These passive aggressive weirdos are super jealous and threatened by anyone from CA. or NYC even though they pretty much bite everything from us. Only cool part of portland is the food cart culture everywhere. But again you probably have to deal with some geek. Let them tell it Portland is to the U.S what the US is to the rest os the world. Its Comedy.๐Ÿคฎ shout out to all the hipster chicks on the train pretending to be environmentally conscience. No square pants you dont own a car and spend all your money on beer. Fuckoutta here

  3. The Portland Oregon Metro Area holds 50 percent of Oregon state Population. While Rural areas in Oregon Holds 50 percent of the population of Oregon State.

    2.2 million people live in the Portland Oregon Metropolitan Area
    2.1 million people live in rural areas or other metro areas and cities in oregon

    2.2 million people + 2.1 million people = Oregon has a population of 4.3 million people (2020)

  4. Hey, you left out a large portionion (25%) of the Portland metro area in your analysis. East Multnomah County, population 162,000. Gresham/Troutdale/Fairview. It has the most reasonably price homes in the area. All within 20 miles of downtown Portland with good public transportation and good freeway acess. .

  5. Hi guys i want to know where we find reasonable home for rent in the neighborhood portland or neighborhood cities of portland..where transportation r smooth and greenary also visible. Cost rent max 1400$. I hav a family.TIA

  6. Hi there! I've been watching your videos since I planned to move to Portland. I finally am going to move there and it's around N WHITAKER RD PORTLAND, OR 97217 area. I'm looking for 1 bed room near this address. I'd appreciate if you can provide some more information about renting. Thx!

  7. How in the world did happy valley not make the list? Happy valley has the highest median income per household and is the fastest growing city in the entire state of Oregon. Hmmmm.

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