1. I've listened to you. Your gripe is trash.and graffiti. The homeless thumbed their noses all over America. Catch them and ban welfare to them. Take away the services and they will go away.

  2. This is pretty sad. I don't understand how anyone would want to pay an arm and a leg just to live here. Oregon is such a beautiful state, so I suppose that's a driving factor.

  3. Thanks for the ride. It is really a shame to see these once beautiful cities turned into city dumps. An none of the City Government seems to care. I'm from Milwaukee WI. (run by the Liberal Democrats) we are seeing more killings and a growing street people population. All the local City Government is doing to stop it ! Instead it is cutting the Police Force. An so the numbers are going higher and higher. An when I was in the service if it didn't move, paint it. I guess your city's youth work the same way as Milwaukee. If it is a blank wall, paint Graffiti on it. Thanks for a great video ! Wish you and your the best !

  4. Wow, so sorry! Looks like garbage trucks in a brigade need to come through the area and just start raking up the trash. Fire the Governor. She's not able to keep up. Did a good job with fire situation, but not capable in this arena! Need tiny homes on land & trash dumpsters to keep things easy to clean. So sorry!

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