A Little Bridge Fun — Powered Paragliding Portland Oregon

So what kind of fun can eight powered paraglider pilots have in Portland, Oregon? Well here’s a sneak peak as captured by seven cameras as we have a bit of fun flying over and under 10 of Portland’s Historic Bridges on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Do note that safety and proper clearance was of importance to us. On top of having a signed letter from the FAA, we took proper precautions with life vest and a chase boat should one of us were to have ended up in the drink. Luckily the only thing we needed the chase boat for this time was to capture additional video footage.

A note to newbies and/or really everybody. Foot dragging anything especially a river can be dangerous. Even with a quick release harness, and flotation devices, something could still go wrong. This is a risk/reward and you as a pilot must weigh your skill level, your desires and if you can afford to retrieve and/or replace your equipment should you not be able to recover it. For me personally, it’s a risk worth taking.

I can always use more flying buddies. If anybody is interested in meeting up or getting started in the sport of powered paragliding, just drop me a line. More information, photos and videos can be found on Byron’s website at

I’m never opposed to being sponsored or selling some of my raw footage. I can always use cash for more equipment, warm weather gear, camera’s, computer’s, editing software, fuel and of course travel so I can hit more locations. Just contact me at my new company,

Video taken with several GoPro Hero2 cameras along with a Sony ps760v
Settings were 60fps on most cameras with some shooting at 1080 and others at 720
Edited on Final Cut Pro X at a frame rate of 23.98 after optimizing media to ProRes 442 upon import. I am then able to take advantage of Conform Speed effects in FCPX dropping the speed to 40% when needed for my slow motion shots without effecting image quality. Extra time taken in color correction so the video will really pop.

Music By: Goodwill & Hook N Sling
Album: Take You Higher (Single)
Song: Take You Higher (Radio Edit)


Many have asked about entering the sport, training, equipment, etc… Hope the following info helps.

Proper training…
Don’t try learning on your own from watching a few videos.
Don’t do a half day, 1 day or 3 day training.
Real training is a good 6-9 days and usually runs just over $2k.
If you find an instructor who will have you flying after the first day, run away. You should be on the ground for the first 3-5 days learning nothing but glider control. Only after you can control your wing with your eyes closed, then and only then should you add a motor. Yup, you will be flying and you want to be properly trained.

As for equipment, I’m happy to share what I fly and why. Like any sport, you have options. There is cheap equipment, equipment that lacks safety and higher end cadillac equipment. What is your skill level? Are you a newbie or have you been in the sport a while? At the end of the day, I’m happy to fly with anybody who wants to fly regardless of choice.

As for equipment cost…
For what I fly, you can get into the sport on a good used setup for $7k-9k or $12k-$13k new which includes your motor, wing and reserve. Can’t beat that price for personal flight. Best thing is it all packs up as small as 22x22x33 inches and fits in the trunk of your car if needed.

If you want more info, just hit me up or check out my brothers website.