A Night in Portland Oregon

Whats better Casa Diablo or voodoo donuts?
Episode 50 of The Buckingham Show


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Filmed by:
Moe Aslin:

For Entertainment purposes only
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  1. Portland Oregon. Cesspool of the Pacific Northwest, the Overweight woman disgustingly dancing with a bunch of skinny men cheering her on sounds just about right for Portland

  2. Fuck I can’t believe I missed you in Portland!Born and raised. I would have showed you wayyyyyyy crazier shit, but I see you chose not to hit it up at night. If you really want to see some crazy shit come to felony flats southeast portland. Or just go up to a group of bikers and ask about the gypsy jokers. Sellwood is where shit really goes down, but you only know if you know. Downtown was always a shit hole, but they have all the hi end retail stores so that’s why all the mobs came through and started shit, easy pickin for thieves in numbers. When you see a guy take off his belt and it’s an actual bike chain and then proceed to beat every single one of dudes teeth out of his mouth in front of hundreds of people most of whom just laughed, you know you made it to the flats. Shits real.

  3. All I can say is… wow. You captured every stigma associated with that city in less than 24 hrs. Mainstream media just fills in the blanks – this is better, grittier information. I haven't subscribed yet, but I'll certainly check out more of your content. Thanks!

  4. I'm definitely going to Portland now !…I'm off to the Casa Diablo for seafood and the Taboo Arcade to grab a whole bunch of whatever they do there ???

  5. i live downtown portland and those dudes you talked to at the doughnut shop i see everyday lol. this shit me me laugh man

  6. Portland is only kind and accepting if you believe in what ANTIFA and all the libtards believe in. If you don’t goodluck

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