A Portland man is selling his house after squatters took over | The Story | Aug. 2, 2022

Aug. 2, 2022 on The Story: The homeowner said he was out of town when squatters moved into his house on Southeast Flavel Street. It’s been months and he still hasn’t been able to kick the people out. When he tried, they got violent. Now he just wants to sell the place.

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  1. There it is. Bottom line. Portland is trying to get people into a building when they are clearly stating that they want to be outdoors and have personal space. Portland needs to work around these facts to find the answer. The ones on the street are not going to change their minds. They need space to deal with the horrors in their minds that they have to figure out before their lives end. They don't have the time, energy, or ability to do this while dealing with other people who have issues of their own. Give them space to live, provide them with food and as much as possible so they can live out of sickness or suffering as much as possible to allow their souls to do the work they need to do.

  2. You need to chuck bug bombs through the windows and shelters is the only respectable option for a homeless person trying to get better. They don't want to and would rather break in to someone's home and remove their belongings like it's normal. I'd get a fire hose and blast it threw the windows I'd wreck that house with them in it. Poor babies don't want to be in a shelter ive been in a shelter and that's an excuse for them to keep doing what they're doing . Bullshit let them sleep on the street.

  3. That guy said it best he doesn’t want to follow rules he wants his freedom to be able to do whatever he wants whenever he wants and when a child grows up with no respect for authority they will become adults with no respect for authority or abiding by any governing. Hopefully they’ll live in Portland where no one has respect for anything where weirdos are welcome.
    If someone wants to stab them to death and burn their body over A campfire well that’s not an uncommon thing.
    Ignorance in Portland it’s just an every day way of life. Morals and family values will be discouraged and penalized in Portland.

  4. The politics of Portland Oregon. verge on insanity! Crime is celebrated and encouraged that’s why this is allowed. In Portland city council passes laws that promotes and encourages this.

  5. This “story”, proved that fake news, cops, and politicians, are all in it together, “BY NOT FOLLOWING THEIR OWN LAWS”.
    Remember: “To protect and serve”?
    Those are what Americans call “CRIMINALS”, inside that house.

  6. I prefer a bottle of wine, next to my bed, a naked lady, in my bed, and a loaded gun under my pillow. “This requires a job”. Nothing fancy, “but it does take money”, almost all of the money, if you count food, and ammunition. You can’t afford call girls, (at least $200 now) so you will settle for an old friend’s ex wife. Cheers.

  7. Let’s put those little chicken coups on the streets of the people @fake news, and send a few hundred to your politicians neighborhoods. “That will fix it”. (fake news people, “should let these junkies occupy their own homes”, that’ll work!)
    fake news, and politicians, have become “enemies of the American people”.
    (It’s mostly just a bunch of bitches, rumors, and gossip, out of control.)

  8. GIVE THEM A FREE GUN, and I’ll bet they will fill your chicken coupes up fast. “Even junkies”, won’t sleep with junkies.
    PORTLAND IS NOW JUST HISTORY, and you @fake news, must live in shame, for helping degenerate politicians “do it”.

  9. The fact that the squatters beat him up so bad he went to the hospital, and they are still in the house shows how hopeless Portland has become. Take your money and go elsewhere. the city cares about the squatters, not the home owner. This city/state hate you and hate me. Why be here?

  10. Wow these homeless people are up in arms about the unsanitary conditions of the shelters . Guess you can’t beat free flowing oxygenated grocery carts keeping your belongings germ free 🤪

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