1. I just love your Amtrak and state park videos. I find them relaxing and I feel I’m there too on the trip.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. I am considering in the next couple of years, taking the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle and back. One of 4 possible cross country train rides I am looking into

  3. Some beautiful scenery last 7 minutes or so of this video. I'm disabled and can't travel, so these videos are sort of therapeutic for me.

  4. there is this fascination still with train travel, I see that you have young teenage girls with you and they didn't seem to be totally bored or hate it. Loved the xmas lights and the drawings left for the Amtrak staff.

  5. I'm From México… Thank You so Much GIRLS… for Share… This BEAUTIFUL VIDEO…. Continuous make more videos like this.. I Love this Great Country… For Its Natural Landscapes

  6. Hello, Who is playing the music on this Video and the other video that's around 50 minutes. Awesome awesome music. Thanks.

  7. Nice video, was it cold in some of the cars, I see a lot of people wearing fairly heavy clothing?

  8. I've watched this several times and enjoyed it each time. I hope it is still running when I am able to take the trip. With the 40% cut to Amtrak's budget for 2018 you never know.

  9. I'm now 75. My first and only train trip was from Minneapolis to Oakland, CA on the California Zephyr. This was at the end of WWII and there were a lot of servicemen and women traveling to get home. I distinctly remember camping out during the day in the dome car. We had to change trains two times, once in Chicago and in Denver. Denver was a great overnight stop. I remember the painted desert and an outside theater near Denver. I can't remember how many times I've driven cross country but each trip was an adventure in itself. Too bad the government had to step in and save train travel. I doubt it will last too much longer. Train trips are great for kids to see the country when they are young enough to remember.

  10. One of the passengers mentioned that they mostly prefer the Seattle section of the Empire Builder because it has the dining car and the Portland section doesn't.

  11. I took the Coast Starlight from Tacoma to Martinez CA (near Oakland).  Going thru southern WA and all of Oregon was one post-card scene after the other.  And the beer was only $4.00 a bottle.  Met some fun people and loved every minute that I wasn't sleeping.  I took coach, so next time I'll bring a pillow.  The trip was about 21 hrs.

  12. I rode Amtrak once back in 1994. Chicago to Portland Oregon. going Amtrak this summer 2016. gonna have my son with its nice seeing people posting there travels my son is so excited now. thank you

  13. Very nice video. I took the trip from Portland to Chicago and really enjoyed it. For those that don't know, the Empire Builder is one huge train from Chicago to Spokane, Washington. At Spokane, in the middle of the night, the train is divided. Two locomotives & cars + the dining car head for Seattle, the other locomotive & cars + the lounge/observation car head for Portland. The lounge car gives you a beautiful view of the majestic Columbia River Gorge (as you can see in the last 8 minutes or so. Believe me, the video doesn't do it justice).

  14. Thank you for this video, especially the music. You did an excellent job and don't mind the trolls. I almost felt like I was there. 🙂

  15. I have to say … of all the Amtrak videos I've seen on YouTube this one really gives a feel for how it truly is to travel with them. Excellent job and thank you!

  16. The Christmas lights on this train are nice but can i make a suggestion? Try using colored lights instead.. You'll like it a LOT better.Trust me.

  17. Did the sleeping car attendant give you any fuss over hanging up the christmas lights in the roomette? Personally, I love the idea. 🙂

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