And Then You're Gone – Pink Martini ft. Storm Large | Portland, Oregon 2020

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Excerpted from Pink Martini’s virtual 2020 New Year’s Eve concert, filmed at Pink Martini World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and broadcast on December 31, 2020. “And Then You’re Gone” is a popular original song for Pink Martini, first heard, sung by China Forbes, on the band’s fourth studio album, Splendor in the Grass. In recent years it has become a staple in Storm Large’s performances with the band. Co-written by Thomas Lauderdale and Splendor in the Grass producer Alex Marashian, with China Forbes and Derek Rieth, the music was inspired by the first movement of Franz Schubert’s lovely Fantasie in F minor for Four Hands D940, from which pianist Thomas Lauderdale plays an excerpt in the opening. This video was shot during the COVID era and Storm Large was patched in from her home. The performance also features Nicholas Crosa on violin, Gavin Bondy on trumpet, and Robert Taylor on trombone.

My dear Lorenzo
You take my hand
And understand
The tears that I have cried

We light the candles
And pour the wine
And laugh as if you’ll never leave my side

You take me
In your arms and tell me
That I’ll always be the only one –
And then you’re gone!

You come to see me
On a Saturday
Presenting peonies
Knowing just what to say

We dance until
The break of dawn
I turn my back
And then you’re gone

I’m swirling in a sea of stars
Twirling to the strum of guitars
No one tangos quite the way you do
But now my dancing days with you are through

You think I miss you
Each time you disappear
Maybe I used to
But it’s becoming clear

I know your tricks
I’ve heard your song
You swear your love
And then you’re gone

Remember last time
It was a perfect day
You took me sailing
And then you sailed away

Now here you are
Outside my door
You want back in
Just like before

Well save your breath
Don’t make me yawn
You’ve had your chance
Now just be gone

Thomas M. Lauderdale, piano and bandleader
Storm Large, lead vocals
Phil Baker, upright bass
Dan Faehnle, guitar
Nicholas Crosa, violin
Gavin Bondy, trumpet
Robert Taylor, trombone
Andrew Borger, drums
Miguel Bernal, percussion
Brian Davis, percussion
Reinhardt Melz, percussion
Timothy Nishimoto, percussion

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  1. My dear Lorenzo you take my hand

    And understand the tears that I have cried

    We like the candles and pour the wine

    and laugh as if you'll never leave my side

    you take me in your arms and tell me

    that I'll always be the only one

    and then you're gone

    you come to see me on a Saturday

    presenting heenies knowing just what to say

    we dance until the break of dawn

    I turn my back and then you're gone

    Swirling in a sea of stars

    Swirling to the strum of guitars

    No one tangos why the way you do

    But now my dancing days woth you are through

    You think I miss you each time you disappear

    Maybe I used to but it's becoming clear

    I know your tricks I 've heard your songs

    You swear your love and then you're gone

    Remember last time it was a perfect day

    You tooke me sailing and then you sailed away

    Now here you are outside my door

    you want back in just like before

    Well save your breath don't make me yawn

    You've had your chance now just be gone

  2. Pink Martini, Storm Large, I'm an Oriental,(South Korean) This group's music is good. good hearted. I cheer up your music. I don't know What the lyrics are, but it sounds good.

  3. Where is the hand gesture? We watched for it.

    This censored version is nice too, but we want that natural uncensored version.

  4. I am not able to explain in English why storm is AMAZING. I can do it in french but you will fall asleep. I truly love STORM .

  5. I love Storm performances , she is funny , hilarious , she is as sexy as hell , a little freaky too …… and of course , the most important of all , she owns a great , beautiful , sweet and powerful voice . Thank you Storm , thank you Pink Martini .

  6. Thank you Storm for being Large and giving us back what we've lost throughout blindness, ignorance, and mediocracy. Being an unerasable mark on our consciousness and a guiding light to the sensations, please do remain an ambush on our existence, thus, maybe you will add to it, a faint meaning.

  7. My grandmother always told me sarcasm is the proof of dull mind. From this performance, clear,y she was wrong!!

  8. Storm! II know it is a very funny performance, but in reality, you look so radiant and no matter how funny, you are such a good singer … Good thing you came back! and you are so powerful.

  9. What is it with this one-of-a-kind singer? As I got reacquainted with P M's old videos, I came to realize Storm Large is not just a singer; she truly is all the songs she sings, yup, each and every one of them and each and every time, too!
    Will Storm Large join the band when P M comes to Southern Ontario in 2022?

  10. Tremendous VOICE with wine and all 😂 I studied music and that is not easy 🙄🙂

  11. Absolutely wonderful. To be real Storm – beauty, bravado, musicality, passion, sensuous, deeply felt sensual presence, overwhelming appeal, what a powerful presence in this wonderful voice, a marvel of feminine strength , an all consuming fire , divinity , a burning Storm, a sea of love.💕❤️♥️

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