Antifa Attacks Worship Rally – Portland Oregon

A day after a shocking and disturbing attack on a Christian prayer event in Portland, Oregon, Christians rallied in that very location for a massive gathering to sing and worship God.

As it turns out, that worship ended up ringing true for at least one self-professed Antifa member, who gave his life to Christ.

All of this happened as Antifa threw needles, pills, drugs, and more at the crowd. They also allegedly attacked Christians as they were exiting the event, according to frequent Antifa reporter @Andy Ngo.

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  1. These people constantly preach tolerance and acceptance but as soon as someone has a different opinion tolerance goes out the window and they attack people with extreme prejudice often physically and they can’t fight back because when people do fight back they twist it to fit their twisted narrative.
    What’s sad is you know they have no life outside of this otherwise they wouldn’t be doing things like attacking people. I think they just want an excuse to get their sick kicks

  2. I know if my granddaughter was in that crowd along with other young children I wouldn't hesitate to knock some antifa around! They are an embarrassment to the human race!

  3. video – 3 crusaders with zip-ties tackling each 'assaulting thug', in succession. Sue such 'dangerous criminal/s', through high-court, into jail and then+? ! OR suffer further oppression, like a god-fearing class of feeble powerless juveniles, which it seems you choose to imitate.

  4. God was and is there with them & we must pray for His children as they were prosecuted for worshipping God. Let’s also pray for those who are prosecuting Christians that they will come to Christ.

  5. That's a hate crime at best. Portland needs to get it together or it'll fall hard. Rose City Antifa has been running a muck for too long now. Attacking a worship service and saying,"Where's your God, Now" is proof of concept.

  6. Every Biden voter can blame themselves for this. Trump called antifa domestic terrorists. The left and CNN considered Antifa as good and the Proud Boys who formed in response to Antifa as bad

  7. They will be shocked when they find out our God was real and watching it unfold the whole time…may God have mercy on there souls…now remember as Christians we must pray for our enemy's even those who do harm to us this is why it is extremely hard being a Christian but Christ loved the whole world even those who did harm to him so we must be like Christ at all times.God bless you all and may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon us all even those who persecute us I love every single one of you even our enemy's God bless you all.

  8. Pls. Pray the Holy Rosary and Devine Mercy chaplet to free all countries from war, hunger, diseases, climate change, calamities, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce, corruption, vices, violence and all evil.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home….:

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