Washington Square Mall | (Tigard) Portland, Oregon | 4k walk

This is a walking tour of Washington Square Mall in Portland, Oregon. This was filmed January 2020 before the coronavirus spread. I’m trying to record history. For now it could just be a mall walk but 20, 50, years from now you can see how things changed. I posted this awhile ago but i figured… Continue reading Washington Square Mall | (Tigard) Portland, Oregon | 4k walk

Southeast Portland, Oregon | 4k Driving Tour | Sellwood Hawthorne Belmont

Portland driving tour where i stick to SE portland only. I start on sellwood bridge, go to Oaks Park, then Hawthorne, Belmont and end around Omsi.

North Portland, Oregon | 4k Driving Video

In this video i stick to only North Portland, Oregon. North Portland is big enough to have it’s own video. Some of the main areas are St Johns, the Moda Center, Swan Island and University of Portland.