Awesome Salmon Fishing in Portland, Oregon. Hooked 3 big Chinook on the Willamette River.

We fought three big Chinook salmon as we moved down river below the St. John’s bridge. Awesome footage, great takedowns, and screaming reels. All details of how we hooked these fish at the end of the video. Fishing With David Pyle.


  1. Awesome! Just moved to Portland. Dying for some fishing!

    If anyone knows a place to catch crappie, I would really like to know… it’s surprisingly hard to find fishermen for advice…

  2. Loved how you got your bites.
    Hate losing fish close like that. Good trick is back the drag off a bit, at that distance from rodtip the rod won't be enough to take headshake or rolls.

  3. 3:04 and 7:33 I was gonna say. How did you keep from laughing, B U T… I'm NOT that cruel… LOL.. Those were nice fish, and that close to the net. HEART B R E A K E R S!!! At least you are hooked up, and we all know every fisherman would love the opportunity to feel the TUG… CONGRATULATION to my old buddy Dirk… He said you get the HEAD this time. hahahahahaha.

  4. So what launches are still open and available near the head?…. cathedral?…. thinking about Fred’s if I have to, just wondering where you’re going out of so we don’t get held up by signs of closed. You’re videos are getting me pumped along with the falls counts this week. Only been to the mouth this year and didn’t see any action but it was still early.

  5. Thanks for posting David! You're doing great so far this season. I'd like a little more info on the "Silver Spinner" you used for Fish #3, I'm quarantined and getting bait isn't an option, so looking for a hardware alternative. I've been fishing the channel with a k14 kwikfish with no luck so far. Thanks again.

  6. Wow, bummer about losing the other 2 fish, but I guess that’s the difference between a great day and a fantastic day so probably shouldn’t complain too much. Great job on getting into those biters and as always, loved watching the video.

  7. Nice. What I love most about your videos is getting to see the whole takedown. So many mainly just show people fighting fish. Hope we get a good year down here but never know. If I can find a ramp open I think I will go out and chase some shad and stripers tomorrow.

  8. Nice fish derk and david! I have one more question for you, where do you get your herring at up there? Looks like a good dinner tonight for you guys! Hopefully ill see you guys monday. Tight lines

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