Awesome Tips For Moving To Portland, Oregon

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Are you interested in moving to Portland Oregon in the future? Our tips for moving there will help you prepare for your next move. Being informed of the cost of living in this city will help you prepare and save money before your move. Before you move, make sure you have a job secured in the area or you will have trouble paying for your expenses. If you do not plan on using your own transportation for the first few weeks of living there, you can always use the highly diverse public transportation system. The transportation system consists of many types of transportation including taxis, Uber, light rail and buses. You can even use a bicycle to save money and help the environment. The city is also great for college students looking to further their education. Hopefully this information can help you decide whether or not you would like to move to Portland, OR.


  1. The people in power there support fascists that call themselves 'antifa'. Portland is burning down a little each night and they do not punish the perpetrators. And then you have the homeless which abuse drugs and defecate in public wherever they want.

  2. One protester arrested was a convicted Rapist, protesters also tried to stop Gresham police from bringing in a serious sex offender from entering the jail. These protester are protecting these type of people. Fucking foul welcome to ptown

  3. The sterile presentation (white background with that black hair and that stiff outfit??) combined with the android-like precision and reptilian lack of warmth made this video very awkward. Not sure what the true purpose of this video is, at it discourages the viewer rather than imparting useful information. Thumbs down from me.

  4. I wonder if she may have re-considered this video, the hair, the nails…..the character she represents living in portland…..NOPE LOL

  5. BEST beer and food I've ever had in my entire life. This, combined with the lazy-weather would make me extremely FAT within 6 months.

  6. I'll stay in Manhattan NY at least NY is expensive and makes up for with shopping plaza like fifth avenue and Oculus center and transportation ,various restaurant, best bars, rooftop bar and so much more lol 😂😂

  7. Can someone who lives (or has lived) in Portland please tell me…are the winters 7 months long like they are in Denver, Colorado or are they just 3 months out of the year? I'm thinking about moving to Portland but don't want to deal with 7 month winters again.

  8. Here's a tip for moving to Portland… DON'T! All you Midwest trust funders and Californians can kiss my ass. You've all ruined this city.

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