Portland, Oregon. I knew the times were strange. But what is going on up there?






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  1. Moved here from Arizona in 98. What a beautiful city…it was. Now? I would set up a go-fund me, to help me GET THE…OUT OF HERE, but I'm not that kind of person. Will be moving OUT of Portland by the end of 2021. I can only imagine Detroit MI being just as bad. I do here Californians LOVE Portland though. Reason # 237 to move out of here!
    The most DEPRESSING city in America, Portland, Oregon!

  2. I was born and raised on the North side of Portland and honestly it's not even close to the Portland I grew up in. The 80s and 90s Portland wasn't so crummy and was one of the better places to live but something went horribly wrong.

  3. Portland is gone. Used to literally be the City of Roses. The Democrats and homeless took over. It is a sh**hole.

  4. When people with the personality of a fish go to a “weird” city. Why would you go here ? You seem more like an LA visitor. Everyone in the comment section is right, why would you come here during a pandemic and expect it to be normal ?

  5. I live here. You guys seem nice but…. you came to the most liberal city in the middle of a global pandemic. We take staying indoors serious (for the most part.) Try it again when everything is “normal” again and i’m sure you might have a different opinion! Also, downtown is just a fraction of what the rest of the city has to offer

  6. Bruh imagine visiting a small city at 930 am near the height of a global pandemic when all the businesses are forced to be closed and being surprised the only ones walking around the streets are the homeless.

  7. I went to school downtown in 2010. You used to see a lot of people walking back then. Ghost town now. ANTIFA/BLM riots every night. All the homeless camps across town have a lot of trash surrounding them. There are a lot of these camps now. Used needles. Oh and lots of violence now.

    The liberal leaders here refuse to listen to the police and the community. The mayor and city council have destroyed this city and the livelihood of so many small business owners. This should be considered an act of crime against the people. This is not an accident. These people are deliberately destroying this city.

  8. Hey, their starting to clean up around here now. Come back again in a few months. I'll even drive you around and take you to Multnomah Falls. It will cost you one beer though.

  9. If you’re into the alternative lifestyle I suggest Austin over Portland/Seattle. Has the nice liberal feel protected by the rest of the conservative state.

  10. I relieved that you got same feelings as mine. This city is creepy and unsecured.

    It just whole things are

    Big NO.

  11. This is so funny because I visited two months ago, as well. Since I'm coming from Philly, this place seemed AMAZING. So much so that I live here now LOL. But I agree it's not like it was ofc

  12. You should have gone to Hawthorne or Alberta or the Mississippi District or Nob Hill or Division or any neighborhood besides Downtown really! Downtown is completely shut down and dead during the pandemic.

  13. I've been here 30 and like my marriage, the first 25 were great. The last 5 sucked. The people gave up reality and followed the lead of those chosen to deliver the promise land. Change the slogan from "Keeping it Weird" to "The Blind leading the Inept".

  14. You realize you went during a pandemic and that there’s been hella protests and people left to be homeless on the street right? And in winter?? What did you think it was gonna be like?

  15. So sad you see our devastation. Downtown portland was a great place to bisit before the recent crap that destroyed it. The architecture and history and unique shops snd food places were once really great. Im disgusted at our politicians in oregon and disgusted in our people who have done this to our once beautiful city. On behalf of the true oregonians who have lived here their whole lives and took care of the city and state the right way i am sorry you had to see our embarrassment.

  16. Do some research please. That city was one of the most beautiful cities in your country. Happy people everywhere street cafes. My older brother fled back to Oslo last year from Portland state uni. Downtown because of those people from other states who occupy downtown there. Research it, YouTube has plenty of videos of pre-scumbags. Oh those lines in the sky are called "contrails" from hot exhaust of aircraft 35,000 feet above,nothing chem about them. Composed of water and ice.its -70f cold up there

  17. OREGON do not come to it or visit you will be so much better off if you dont. People say oregon is beautiful and great place to live it is not anymore black lifes matter liberals and democrars destroyd it dont let them fool ya

  18. I hate to tell you this but this is all over portland oregon allso stay out of Hillsboro oregon and Beaverton oregon people like black lifes matter kate brown and liberal's and Democrat have completely destroyed it if Your not from oregon run there ensain nut jobs.

  19. No one who lives here actually goes downtown anymore. I only go to the west side for work. Just like all cities, there are a lot of cooler parts then downtown.

  20. Once all this is over, the graffiti will be painted over and the boards will be taken down. You guys should come back in 2-3 years when it’s back to normal. Portland and it’s people are awesome

  21. Bro not even California is like this lol I actually bought a ticket to Portland but now I’m having 2nd guesses man 😳

  22. Ho No No No!
    Kate Brown the governor said business is back to normal in downtown Portland.
    Even though all the businesses closed or left due to the peaceful protest.
    I think she's either high, blind or gaslighting the media to avoiding dealing with this issue.

  23. The old adage: " The road to hell is paved with good intentions " is the epitome of Portland. I lived in downtown Portland for 13 years and just moved out about 5 months ago.

  24. You made the mistake of just seeing downtown Portland. Nobody hangs there anymore, should've just crossed the river

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