Bass Fishing Near Portland Oregon *2018*

Catching bass on the willamette near downtown portland oregon. 2018 has been a good year to me as far as fishing goes! cant complain! enjoy.

FIlmed with: Gopro hero 5 black x 2
Edited: Adobe Premiere Pro
Drone footage: frugal fishing fundamentals


  1. Man I loved watching this! Trying new stuff is really the best way to see what the smallies in the willamette are into. It really changes from day to day!
    I had to hit the subscribe buddy!! I got a few smallie and crappie vids come check them out🤘

  2. Is there any lakes out your way where there are bass? I'll be taking a vacation there and will have a kayak.

  3. Nice! You had some quality fish there. I enjoyed the video so I gave you a thumbs up and I subbed. Keep making these videos and your channel will grow. Lets support each other. Tight lines man.

  4. Good job trying something different. Easiest time to catch the big ones is pre spawn time, you just gotta work harder this time of year. They don’t come easy.

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