Bend Oregon – The TRUTH about Living in Bend Oregon vs. Portland Oregon

Bend Oregon – The TRUTH about Living in Bend Oregon vs. Portland Oregon. Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Bend Oregon?

After living in Bend Oregon for 3 years and moving from Portland Oregon Brett takes you through what it is actually like, the pros and cons of living in bend oregon!

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  1. You talk about cost of living yet the people who live here watch it sky rocket and so many of us are forced out by dumbasses on there paddle boards they tow in on their suburbs covered in bumper stickers.

  2. So gross to encourage gentrification here. The homeless population is growing because the rich people from different cities come in and raise housing prices. The cost of things here are relatively affordable,except housing is not. Run down 2bd apartments are like 1500. That’s ridiculous when bend isn’t even a city. Bend is becoming so gentrified and it’s SO WHITE. There’s no diversity.

  3. Don't move here… please! Bend has been destroyed and nothing left from what it was in the 70's. Global warming has made this place a hot, dusty and smokey nightmare. Bend is in a severe 10 year drought. It snowed a whopping 8" here last year and as of December 19, 2020…4" of snow so far and no snow forecast for the next two weeks! Nearly my entire family has been forced to move away because of the overcrowding and ridiculously high prices for homes in the "sage brush subdivisions". Every Californian from the big cities have escaped here because of the Covid 19 pandemic and have driven real estate to ungodly levels… exasperating the misery for the working poor. Lots of service paying jobs of $11.00 to $13.00 an hour part-time and no benefits. The suicide rate is very high here and juvenile recitivisim rate is much higher here than the national rate. The poverty rate here is higher than most se Asian countries. This little weasel selling Bend out is part of the problem. So go somewhere else…Lander WY, Jackson WY, Sandpoint ID, Kalispell MT…etc…ect…you get the picture!

  4. Greetings my name is Justin, I am moving from San Antonio to Bend. Any suggestions from you will be much appreciated. My roommate Ryan and I are nature lovers and we each have 10 yrs experience in hospitality. We also are inspiring entrepreneurs with our own business as well. We're just looking to start fresh in a great city and we feel that bend Oregon will be a perfect location. look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Okay wow this was an extremely helpful video that I didn’t even know I needed. I live in Vail during the ski season for work but because of the pandemic I’m back in the east coast. I’ve been itching to move somewhere that’ll give me the best of both worlds of living in an outdoorsy town like Vail but minus the semi remote location but wasn’t sure where. I think you’re selling me on Bend, and housing prices look great! Do you think I could get away without having a vehicle for at least half a year? And I’d love to hear more about the hospitality industry!

  6. You left out skydiving, and the street racing. Bend is home to me i know tons of people there i can't walk into a single place with out somebody asking me if I'm back home. I am well known over there. I made my reputation growing up there for my house parties and street racing.

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