Bernie Sanders Rally in Portland, Oregon

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fills a stadium at his rally in Portland, Oregon, and speaks about the major issues facing Americans today.

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  1. Bernie had the craziest rallies I ever saw. After they screwed him about 25% switched over to Trump and now Trump rallies are the biggest I've seen since Hitler. Not complimenting Hitler just saying the man could draw a crowd

  2. "More people in jail than any other country on earth"? I'm forced to assume that the's not including the reeducation camps, forced labor camps, gulags, prison camps and concentration camps in the various socialist countries around the world. I realize that some of these "camps" and their names are redundant, but they're called various things in the various socialist countries, but one note though, how many socialist countries are known to have these "camps" and why the heck would we trust a socialist here to not set them up. We already have bernie sanders staffers and followers saying that they would indeed do just that.

  3. Would somebody please tell the black lady at the beginning that bernie is a socialist and under socialism, no single person owns the establishment, socialism would in effect prevent any single black person (or any other person for that matter) from owning a business.

    I have a dream, I dream of a day where lefties think things through before they open their mouths or act on impulse because it "feels" good. I dream of a day where ideas are judged not by how sweet they sound, but by the content of their results – Y'know, like locking everyone, not just black people, from owning their own businesses.

  4. Thank you, Bernie Sanders 2020 for running in the 2020 Presidential Election for Us We The Real American People The Majority and not the few and We The Majority The Real American People are standing strongly with you Bernie Sanders 2020 the next president of the United States of America. Bernie Sanders 2020, I am voting for you and I will always love you forever Bernie Sanders 2020 for always fighting the good fight for Us We The Real American People The Majority and not the few.







  5. i think Jane represents the everyday working woman. She would be the first first lady to fit the role. The other first ladies only represented wealthy women. She is down to earth like Bernie.

  6. United we stand. LEARN from the Bolivarian Revolution Bernie. Learn from Chavez and Venezuela. They're trying to build a just economic & social order even as WE try to destroy it.

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