Best Congolese Wedding Ohana and Pendo – Portland, Oregon

Congratulations to both Ohana and Pendo for achieving the dream of their lives. I was truly blessed to be a part of the wedding day. As you watch, I hope you enjoy and celebrate along with them. God bless you for your support.

Snapchat: @sondasiluuondo

Filmed by Sondasi Luundo, John Salum, and Khaife Theophile
Edited by Sondasi Luundo

For more info on filming, and editing contact us at:
Sondasi Luundo: 716-479-2675
Buulo Emmanuel: 716-994-8781

All visuals by Lusoke Media @2021
We do not own the songs played in this video. Thanks for watching!!!


  1. I've watched the church Intro so many times!! When I tell you how smooth the groomsmen and bridesmaids were! Just WOW!! I LOVED IT!! The song was everything!! I also enjoyed the couple's wedding dance and when everyone got on the dance floor to dance as couples. I've replayed that part a lot bc I loved how you all were dancing and those songs were off the chain too. We are not going to talk about how stunning the bride looked!! She was so shy the entire time and it reminded me of how I was when I was younger. I used to be the exact same way. Congratulations and again this was a beautiful wedding!!!! God Bless you!

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