We haven’t been able to meet up with strangers since the East Coast, but we are so glad that we did here in Portland, Oregon. We got to enjoy amazing beer with our new Transit Connect friend, Milo, and also tour his beautiful van conversion, which was such an exciting treat. And then came the endless rounds of unbelievable food. Our Portland hosts, Anirudh and Nathaniel are huge foodies and knew all the best places for an epic city food tour. We got a broad taste of the best tacos we’ve ever had in the US, a little sample of some stellar Ethiopian food, and then two scoops of Salt and Straw ice cream to end the night. Just when we thought our food tour was over (which we didn’t want at all), we were surprised with banh mi sandwiches the following day, followed by two dozens of fresh oysters and an Indonesian sampler plate. With bellies happily full and satisfied, we left our hosts and Portland, altogether, knowing that we’d definitely have to return to try more of what the city has to offer. Hope you enjoy watching us eat our way through Portland, and in the next video, we’ll be in Washington!

Follow along to see where we head next.





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  1. My ex grandpa owes that mansion spent many christmases there theres a cool spiral tunnel that went under ground an had train tracks that went up through the basement an it was a troubled teens home back in the day had a name carved on one of the doors in the house

  2. no budget for cheap clothes, but you can afford beer? I never seen one homeless encampment thru this whole video. that must have been next to impossible keeping the thousands of pup tents out of every shot from the street.

  3. This seems to be a very charming city, I hope I can visit sometime in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much!

  4. Omg I just watched and subscribed to milo’s channel! Love him already! Can’t believe you guys know each other ❤️

  5. The original Voodoo donuts was a few blocks from Buffalo Exchange. So Voodoo donuts and Powell bookstore ( across from Buffalo Exchange) no longer cool? Or Forest Park? there was a trail going in Forest Park leaving from Pittock Mansion. the trail ends up in the Pearl district. very cool to be there on a hot day. curious . <3 🙂 love the video.

  6. 95degrees in Portland in June i guess is the new normal. In the 1980s you told people to come visit you after July 15 and before Sept 2nd because that is when the sunny season was in Oregon. Otherwise, it was rainy and cool. In the sunny season, you had 1 day above 100degrees. Now we had whole month above 100degrees, even 110 degrees days. High 90s in June sadly means that more 500- 800 year old forests will burn to nothing in September . Last September, people in the Corvallis area spent 11 days trapped in their home without opening their windows. Covid restrictions seemed freedom compare to what we were living in September. it was so so so smoky outside. 3 forests fires.

  7. Oh my gosh I'm so glad you guys came through my town!! Your journey inspired the mini version I just got home from and your build videos were so helpful! Glad you guys got to enjoy the beautiful weather here!!

  8. You two are so great on camera! I've been watching a few of your videos and wish you much success 🙂 If you're ever in Amsterdam and want to grab a drink (or have a mini food tour 😉 just reach out!

  9. Hello Chad and Claire. Watching you from Dubai… I love watching all your vlogs.. Take care and Be safe always…

  10. You got a new subscriber I was just scrolling around on my phone streaming to my TV. I got recommended your Channel and you can tell the work and editing let you put into it so I made sure to subscribe right away

  11. From Portland originally and watch videos about it from time to time. This video introduced me to van life, which I didn't know was a lifestyle until now. You guys re-prioritization of things and values has made me rethink where I'm going in life. But it seems like an amazing journey and hopefully has been a lot of fun!

  12. Your not showing the real Portland ! Where are all the homeless, druggies panhandler and human poop on the side walks ?

  13. WOW, that was so sweet of your two new friends, supporting you like that…that just totally warmed my heart! Question: after 1 month, where will you be headed next? Central/South America? Europe? Asia? Africa?
    Oh BTW…I have a tiny surprise for you two on #Patreon 👏🏼
    Always my best to you 🤗😀

  14. I just found your channel, wanted to say how much inspiration you guys have given me. 🤗💚💛 And thank you for the recommendations, I live in Portland and need to check those out

  15. With the exception of Salt & Straw, you guys did a great job avoiding the usual food places here in town. You hit up a lot of great places, most under the radar. Bummer that SCRAP was closed when you were here.

  16. Can't believe only a month left! You lucked out with such wonderful hosts. Milo is very sweet too, going to check out his sight. Been wanting to ask since saw the vlog, is there a recipe for your toothpaste. Have fun!👍😁

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