Best Vegan Food in Portland, Oregon | Portland Vegan Food Tour

Portland, Oregon is one of our favorite cities for vegan food! We spent all of our time there eating our way through the city. Watch to find out where you can find the best vegan biscuits and gravy in the entire country!

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Off the Griddle
2:06 El Nutri Taco
2:17 Homegrown Smoker
2:30 Virtuous Pie
2:42 Aviv
2:56 Enat Kitchen
3:07 Ichiza Kitchen
3:29 Vegan Strip Mall
4:05 Uchu Sushi
4:19 Via Chicago
4:31 The Bye and Bye
5:19 Black Water
5:33 The Sweet Hereafter
5:53 Capitol Karaoke Bar

We are Hayden and Aaron Hall, also known as the Vegan Voyagers, and we sold everything we owned to search for the best vegan food in every country around the world! We release a new video every Sunday which includes vegan food tours and travel vlogs. Hit subscribe so you don’t miss any of our crazy adventures.

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  1. Oh yeah Portland is at the top of my list to visit NOT. Get rid of your Mayor and council and flush the unwashed idiots off your streets and MAYBE you might get tourism back. I remember when it was a nice place to visit just like San Francisco

  2. Y'all are super cute. My husband and I are the same way about food 🤣 headed to Portland for Thanksgiving 😍😍 3 Rd time in 4 years haha. Waiting for bye n bye!!!

  3. Hahaha this was very entertaining! Love seeing what dishes y'all find in the city! Hope to meet you one day!

  4. We did a one-day self-guided food tour for fun and it included two of the places you guys went- Ichiza and Bye and Bye. Soooo good. Love the karaoke. You guys are hilarious. <3

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