Best Video Store I've Ever Seen!! – "Movie Madness" in Portland, Oregon

Movie Madness in Portland, OR puts Cinemassacre Video to shame. It’s got tens of thousands of different films, movie props and wardrobe, and it’s very own screening room. The store was opened by Hollywood film editor Mike Clark in 1991. In October 2017, Hollywood Theatre launched a Kickstarter campaign to purchase and preserve the store. Today it’s thriving as a working rental store and museum.

Check them out here:

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  1. Why can’t we just sack streaming and go back to this way of renting , going to places like this and meeting up with like minded people is amazing and so much more fulfilling, everything today is designed to make you a shallow cold version of yourself , I’m glad I’ve never got into streaming, I’ll never give up on physical media it’s what true fans of cinema want ……

  2. This makes me so incredibly happy. I don't care if they come back as a gimmick or a novelty like the Cafe 80s in Back to the Future 2. Bring back video stores, drive-in's, arcades… all of it.

  3. I wished there were more places like this again where real cinephiles can talk to people who really know the medium an provide quality recommendations. Something sorely lacking these days.

  4. I was just thinking about the following. I can remember the decline of vinyl records in favour of CDs and later full streaming services. But what I see know is that even younger persons, who never experienced vinyl themselves, are flocking to retro-like record shops to get their vinyl records of present day artists. What if we collectively start to miss video stores so much that it will become a thing a few years?

  5. I love those old Mom and Pop video stores. I loved the kid section for for Care Bears, My Little Pony, Sailor Moon, Rainbow Brite, The Little Mermaid, Kimba the White Lion, and Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart games.

  6. There’s a solid store like this in Austin, Texas too “I Luv Video”, very cool place. I hope someone in the northeast would open and run a store like this cough James cough

  7. "This is what the video stores were truly meant to be all along – a place not just to rent movies, but to hang out and talk about them. That's something you'll never get on any streaming service."

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