Carp Flats Fly Fishing Near Portland Oregon

Carp Flats Fly Fishing near Portland Oregon. The fish were mainly in a spawning state, but some of the fish were laying up and would eat your fly. Others were cruising slowly, and pulsing their mouths showing food was on their mind. I ended up catching lots of fish on this day and it was a great way to enjoy the sunshine and fly fish close to Portland.


  1. Wow, there had to be a thousand Carp swimming there. I made a vlog of the Great Willamette River Shark and it turned out to be a Carp.

  2. Hey brian? Would it be possible for you to disclose the location to a responsible fisherman? Thanks

  3. Ah, the old flooded field trick. Masterfully done, Steelheadmarz. Reminds me of fishing for reds in the spartina grass. What weight rig is that ?

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