1. Let Portland Burn and then maybe the people will vote for leaders that believe in Law and Order and will support their police officers against the lawless.

  2. The Rapid Response Team members are all doing this hard work ON TOP OF THEIR NORMAL WORK VOLUNTARLY and that reverend has the audacity to call them out neglecting their duties. What a piece of shit he is! He should go out instead and keep those lunatics at bay. He has God on his side so what could happen. Maybe he gets in front of court for excessive violence – he is a white male so part of the "Patriachy" – what a laughable shit city Portland is! On pair with Chicago.

  3. I’m happy for the team they’re showing they will not take the mistreatment any longer I hope they defund the police so the GOOD officers can get into private security/military companies to make real $$$ with 1/2 the dangers. It’s sad we’re to this point but every American should take their protection into their own hands a gun on your hip is much better than a 30 minute process or longer for most to call police and wait for them to show up.
    Women should be the most upset about our current gun laws and further unconstitutional laws that are being brought to congress facts support they face the most danger on a daily basis but with Joe Biden in office you will only be allowed a double barrel shotgun 😂😂😂

  4. What? Before the state police and feds were Nazi Gestapo. What changed? Did the mayor have another rectal-crainial reversal?
    I say stick to the original plan of letting the city burn. Hell by now just how many minority businesses can be left.
    Notice nothing changes except when they burn city council's shit?

  5. never once hold the protestors accountable – let the city counsel do the riot control every night see how much "fun" it is….

  6. "Accountability" is a real trendy word amongst those people. Do they even know what it means? The fact they focus on the accountability of their officers more than the accountability of the citizen animals they're breeding over there is pathetic. It's basically the Forever Purge is that shithole of a state. They're getting what they deserve/want: A lawless wasteland.

  7. Sorry but that reverend is an idiot. He seems to not understand that the RRT is a volunteer position. Resigning from a volunteer position is in no way, shape or form "stepping back from their duties". If you want the police to be there for you when you need them most then maybe you should have been there to support them over the years, because this has been a LONG time coming. He also seems to believe that the police are the ticket for "real accountability" in the city…what about all of the people that the police have arrested that resulted in zero convictions after charges were dropped? Don't get me wrong, Portland needs all the police they can get along with a RRT, but ultimately it's your entire state judicial system that will bring ACTUAL accountability to all of the idiots the police arrest. These problems are the direct result of corrupt national media outlets and politicians, a single team of cops aint gonna fix any of it reverend!

  8. Liberals destroying their own cities and governments refusing to hold these people accountable..If politicians could be hold criminally responsible for not doing their jobs this would never have gotten this bad.

  9. "We want to serve our community". Who's community? Who complains most? Who pays the bills? Who purposely engineers social issues like the Media often does? Who's call to aid do you come to most often? Why are you all going in fully armored up, equipped to the teeth, even if it is "non-lethal" when it is just a protest. People are protesting for a reason. Can't put a bandaid on this shit forever, people are angry for a reason, maybe fucking listen?

  10. So I live in the Pacific Northwest, just up I-5 and in between three of the three local hipster clusters, Seattle and Olympia WA and Portland OR, and I really think the following needs to be said:
    Would YOU want to ride herd on the dumpster fire that Portland has become?
    Hey, have whatever political views you want. Vote for them. Advocate for them. But when your protests reach the point where downtown is full of trash, businesses have to board their windows, crime is running rampant [and yes, that includes crimes committed by some of the protestors], then exactly what are you protesting for?

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