COME APARTMENT HUNTING WITH ME in Portland, Oregon! | rent prices & tours! | KoriMaria

In today’s video, y’all get to come apartment hunting with me! I visited Portland, Oregon for a weekend and signed a lease to the apartment I will be moving into very soon! Come along with me as I make my apartment decision :).

If you’re new here, hi! I am a recent college grad (majored in Engineering) who just started out in the real world. I will be making a move from Michigan to Oregon very soon to start my career at Nike WHQ. Come along with me on my journey!

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Name: Kori Maria
Age: 21
About My Channel: I’m a 21 y/o Gen-Z just starting out in the “real” world after earning my engineering degree at the University of Michigan. I post content mainly revolving around my lifestyle, productivity, natural hair, technology (more coming soon!), and MUCH more! Subscribe to join the family!

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  1. Thank y’all so much for watching this video! Do you have a favorite apartment out of the ones shown in this video? Comment below!!

  2. I'm out here because of my job. Should have been in hawaii but ship life so im in oregon now but omg it's so pretty here like I could so see myself being out here for a few years

  3. Hi Kori! Hope all is well. I am so glad I found your video! I am considering moving to Portland in February. I've been doing my research and have some questions. Some of them are personal, so do you mind if I reach out to you another way?

  4. How is life for a black person in Oregon? Have you been to Eugene? Would u live there? I just got an interview for a job position there and I’m from FL.

  5. Oh my gooooooshhh you are so inspiring! Michigan girl here, visiting next month, so want to live in Oregon thanks for the video it was everything I needed 😄

  6. Lived in Oregon for nearly 18 years and I've never seen a sink in a bed room. That's so odd.

  7. wow, you bold! Can't believe you filmed through the TSA process. 😳 but it makes the angles even cooler.

  8. Portland is a lawless filthy dump. Taxes are excessive and schools are terrible. We have lived here for 40 years and it has deteriorated into a shithole. So glad we are not raising children here now.

  9. I’m moving there from the east side of Michigan too!! How’d you do your research for neighborhoods to live in?

  10. I'm wanting to move to portland for the scenery but washington looks beautiful to it's so hard to choose 😅

  11. Kori, girl—apartment 2 was SO nice, but I can't wait to see your empty apartment tour!! Also, the sinks in the bedroom gave me dorm hall vibes 😅 ( no more of that sis because we're moving on up). P.S. your editing is 🔥 sis!

  12. This one made me a bit nauseous with the camera work lol… but I’m very happy to see you all excited and happy! 🙂

  13. Apartment 2 seemed like it made you the most happy. Maybe the sink in the bedroom is an Oregon thing 😭😂.

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