Cost of Living in Portland, Oregon in 2021

If you’re thinking about moving to Portland, Oregon, but want to fully understand what it REALLY costs to live here… this video is for you!

Hi, I’m Jeff Bernheisel, Portland area Realtor and in this video I break down the cost of living in Portland in detail, with the hopes that you can get a very clear picture of what it’s like living in the PDX metro area as we head into 2021.

There are so many of you thinking about moving to Portland, Oregon… but it seems everyone has the same questions. What’s the cost of living in Portland? What’s it REALLY like living in Portland vs what we see on the news lately?

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Below I’ll break the video down into segments so you can skip around if you’d like.

Key Moments:
00:00 Introduction
00:56 Cost of living baseline index explained
01:31 Cost of living in Portland, Oregon in 2020 vs Oregon in general
02:28 Breakdown: Grocery Costs
02:40 Breakdown: Health Expenses
03:12 Breakdown: Housing Costs
04:10 Breakdown: Median Home Prices
04:54 Breakdown: Cost of Utilities
05:36 Breakdown: Transportation Costs
06:12 Comparison: Cost of Living in Portland, Oregon vs Seattle, Washington
08:09 Comparison: Cost of Living in Portland, Oregon vs San Francisco, California
09:36 Breakdown: Miscellaneous costs (Eating Out, Beer, Wine, Shopping, Child Care, etc)
11:42 Cost of Rent in Portland
13:00 Cost of Rent & Utilities
14:00 Cost of Renting vs Buying a Home
14:45 Breakdown: Utilities Expanded
16:00 Breakdown: Transportation Expanded
17:00 Breakdown: Cost of Fuel (Diesel Specific – sorry)
17:32 Breakdown: Cost of Grocery Items
19:05 Breakdown: “Other” (Gym Membership, Movie Tickets, Doctor Visits, Haircuts, Daycare)
20:32 Buying or Selling a Home in Portland? Call me – 503-780-4596

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  1. My husband and I are looking to live in Oregon. We don’t know what city yet but will be flying out there in August or September. Cost of living in California is CRAZY expensive! A one bedroom apartment $1,750-$1,950 for a 650sq-750sq footage. You also pay water, electricity, trash and sewer separately. We’re hoping to find a home.

  2. I know I will have to buy a mountain Bike, get a new phone, and pay to stay some where. I'm really good when it comes to not spending so much on food. I don't eat fast food no more. I buy all my food in the grocery store. Cost of living will always be a problem especially being from out of town.

  3. I'm looking for an Affordable hotel I can stay for about a month. I will eventually be able to get my own place I really want to get familiar with the city before I look at apartments.

  4. I heard Portland is cheaper that's good the most important thing for me is to improve financially no one likes living poor that's been the story of my life for the past 3 yrs

  5. I like Studio Apartments I'm single so I live on my own. I obviously need a job to support myself but it's very possible for me to make this move this yr

  6. Its a @#$%hole. I got my tool trailer stolen in Portland last week. It was locked up. They cut the locks. The police don't care. If it isn't in your house it gets stolen. The homelessness is out of control. The traffic is terrible. Move to Texas or Florida. Maybe Arizona.

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