Crime Boss "BIG JIM ELKINS" – Jim Elkins, Portland Oregon's Infamous Gangster/Crime Boss

Racketeering Prostitution and Gambling are just a few of the things Portlands “Tony Soprano”
Jim Elkins, This is is story and Final Hideout – Residence, Portland Oregons Crime BOSS
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  1. Nobody can pay close attention because you are wearing racist addidas and you are wearing pink not because yoy like it…. But you want to scoff and make fun of. I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR BULLCRAP kiddo. And if I were you I'd watch your back. #BloodThickerThanWater 💀🕛💀

  2. Great story! He even left a little mystery, as to how he possibly died from something besides the car crash. 🤔 I appreciate the work you put into this one 👍😊💕

  3. Cool story. I remember my Grandpa telling stories of going to the bars to play pinball for a nickel. So now I heard " the rest of the story" thanks Chris

  4. What's up Klearski? I remember hearing about the Longoria crime family in Portland. I actually went to high school with some Longoria's. Not sure they were any relations. Whoa! Pinball machines and prostitutes? Now, that's a weird mix. The criminal underground sounded like a scary thing to be mixed up with. Wow! Big Jim had a lot of power back in the day. Wire taps and Robert F Kennedy involvement! That's huge! Very interesting vlog today. Thanks buddy!

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