Downtown Portland, Oregon, Freeway Tour

This video tours all 5 of the major freeways, leading into, around and out of Downtown Portland, Oregon. I-5, I-405, I-84, U.S. 26 and U.S. 30 are featured in this video. Includes footage of the Fremont Bridge, the 2nd longest tied arch bridge in the world, as well as the Marquam Bridge.


  1. Too bad that the copyright holder of the song had YT mute it. In my opinion I belive that they were "shooting themselves in the foot" by doing this by limiting exposure to their song that perfectly flowed with the video. I'm glad I copied it in its original form a couple of years ago and it's saved to my computer's drive.

  2. I know, if they do that I won't bother going to Portland anymore…like 90% of the population I drive a car and would rather avoid the nightmare traffic scenario that would create =]

  3. And meanwhile, the hippie road-haters in Portland want to tear down the Marquam Bridge, redesginate I-405 as I-5, and remove I-5 from the east side of the Willamette River entirely.

  4. @InterstateKyle: Portland is awesome! Can't wait to go back up there next summer, and re-film everything with my new camcorder. Should make for a much improved video.

  5. Awesome video…I'm actually pretty embarrassed at the extremely outdated nature of our infrastructure here in Oregon. ODOT has so much money to pour into light rail and commuter trains but doesn't seem to care about the ridiculous traffic jams Oregonians have to put up with every day. I like Portland but I hate going through there because I always end up stuck in a jam. North I-5 from the Rose Quarter until you cross the bridge is a nightmare!

  6. @wooga78: Hey there, it's been awhile. I didn't include I-205 in this video, because it bypasses Downtown Portland to the east by about 5 miles, so it would not have made sense to include it in this Downtown Freeway tour video. I will eventually be uploading a separate I-205 video on its own; maybe in the 2nd half of the year. Hope this clears things up. Cheers to you, and have a great rest of the weekend. 🙂

  7. @QuasiTraction: Hey, no problem; I'm glad you enjoyed this particular video, and I feel it's one of the best ones I've released.

    For the most part, I-405 has pretty light traffic during non-commute hours. But wow, during rush hour, if you're in the Nob Hill district just west of I-405, you can get a good view of the sea of brake lights in both directions on the Fremont Bridge & a quick peek on Oregon's traffic cameras will show all 3 miles of I-405 practically congested or even gridlocked.

  8. @yourwifecalledagain: Yes, the region does indeed continue to grow at a pretty fast pace. As of 2009, the region had over 2.2 million residents, not including the other 383,000 that live around the Salem area, which has strong commuter ties between the two cities.

  9. @FreewayBrent

    First off, thanks for putting more videos of Portland up. Hope you enjoyed your time here!
    second, I-405 actually did take out a number of houses and structures in SW Portland. It was part of an urban renewal project that was started in the early 1960's. Many of the homes were rentals and were in poor shape. Unfortunately when 405 construction was started, it's design was already obsolete for the growing population, but its certainly less congested than I-84 or I-5 at peak hours.

  10. Been there 3 years ago, first and I guess last time in my life in that freakin' SOCIALIST state, Oregon, stopped for gas and a guy jumped in front of my car to fill up my gas tank, I said "NO, I DO IT MYSELF", that's when I find out that self-serve is ILLEGAL in OR, only full-serve, why? to FORCE gas station owners to hire people, so a PRIVATE company to be told by the local gov what 2 do with its workforce, pure SOCIALISM, no such thing in Ontario and rest of CDA…

  11. @dhcave: haha, well, I *wish* I had all the time to spare on the highways. But then again, I guess everyone has to live by some kind of commitments. Anyway, I actually filmed the entire Portland metro freeway network in one day, except for this downtown freeway tour. I actually picked out the routes, on a whim, without really any advance planning. Basically whatever I "felt" was the right route, at the right time, depending on traffic conditions.
    I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

  12. @FreewayBrent What I mean is that documenting all of the freeways in a major city requires some investigation in advance, and time and strength for shooting on the roads, but you still managed to do all that in this video, and earn the reputation on YouTube with this and other ones you made. This is amazing. I only counted a few (quite few…) people doing this on YouTube worldwide so far…
    I was not saying that you have "all the time to spare on the highways." I'm sorry if you feel bad.

  13. @dhcave: For this particular video, or just in general? I've driven over 600,000 miles now, and I'm only 28 years old! It's only fitting that I have "FreewayBrent" as my name, here on YouTube!

  14. nice opening photo!
    oooh~ i like going up hill 🙂
    sweet video!!! it looks like you mapped out a route that would best showcase the interesting parts of the streets/structure!

    now if only it would stop stalling….


  15. Great video, Brent! BTW, where do you get the images for signs and markers that you are using? I'd like to add the same thing to my videos. Again, great video, Brent, and thanks in advance for your answer.

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