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Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and many more of Portlandia’s most loved and eccentric characters are back for a seventh season of the Emmy®-­‐ nominated, WGA and Peabody award-­‐winning comedy series.

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  1. I think Portland is essentially young millennials cosplaying as what they think the 90s were like. Growing up in the 90s, we weren’t offended by anything. People in Portland will chain themselves to a tree if you don’t use their preferred pronouns. Portland is cool, but they ain’t cool like people from the 90s

  2. I lived in Portland for two years. The "people were content to be unambitious" line hits so true. I got that vibe from the people over there, many, many times. I liked a lot of things about the city but I gtfo'ed to Chicago, as fast as I could, to move up in my career. I still visit from time to time, I don't get La Jarrochita burritos in Chicago after all 🙂

  3. I lived next town over called vancouver I would visit Portland all the time now it's kinda of a shit hole but I miss the good ol days now the dream of the 90s people are in texas

  4. In Portland you can get stabbed by a homeless Junkie with a dirty needle for looking at him while he craps in the middle of the street, and the Mayor will organize a protest to Dox you for assuming the homeless mans gender. It’s awesome

  5. The most Portlandia things I have experienced in Portland are tangentially related to the show, but weren't actually in it.

    I was an extra on an episode – (just "a guy in the crowd", I'm boring) – on my way to the filming location, I passed by a guy on a unicycle playing the bagpipes. I got to the filming location, asked the casting person if that guy was here for the shoot. "Wait, guy on a unicycle playing bagpipes? No! We should get him!" (He later became famous as "The Unipiper", with flaming bagpipes.)

    When this very video first came out, I asked a particularly "hipster, fits every Portland stereotype" coworker if he was in this. He sadly said no. He was filming a music video about double-decker bicycle jousting at the time. ("Drunk Girls, HolyGhost! remix" by LCD Soundsystem if you're curious.)

  6. As someone who lived just outside Portland most of my life, it is my belief that this attitude is exactly how Portland got the way it is today. I’m sorry but celebrating the fact that people don’t have ambitions is absolutely terrible, and look at the city now, completely over run with the homeless. What’s funny is that the weirdos think they’re being so damn unique, yet there are so many people here that are like that to the point where they’re not very unique at all. I wear a tie to work everyday despite being a mere sales clerk, because like them I like to wear my beliefs, I believe in a more prosperous America than the general population of Portland. I think that people who “look up” to hippies are absolute losers. Many hippies were just that, people with no prospects that claim to be changing the world, yet being unemployed they have less contributions to society than others who aren’t. Me wearing a tie even in a casual scenario is what has become unique, but that’s not even the point. I dont respect people who do things simply for the purpose of “being unique” because that’s basically the PC way of saying they’re fishing for attention based on pointless merits, which should not be a respectable thing to do in my opinion. I can however respect wearing your beliefs, which is why I wear a tie, dressing conservatively. Alternative people have started wearing ties too now but it’s because that’s now unique, Jesus fucking christ. Although it’s fine because they wear a crappy looking loosened tie so you can still pick out the losers. You all can believe what you want but that’s why I’ll own the building that you’ll be living in, renting from me. I’ve made the choice to be successful rather than whine about things that I can’t even do anything about.

  7. I grew up in Portland (metro areas) and it was always the place that people groaned and lamented that anybody could have to live there because it is weird and it rains too much. And then all of a sudden it became cool and everyone started moving there and ruined it. Now it’s uber expensive and super political. Thanks, portlandia.

  8. Now, when the world just sux, and the news is just crazy, my wife and I will turn to each other and say, "Do you remember the 90's?"

  9. R.I.P. Portlands Dream

    Young people go to retire, only to get bored and burn down businesses. 
    They can go and sell their records and books, unless it's a bible or anything older than 50 years, otherwise they'll burn it in the street. 
    They can live off government assistance, until the city has no more money and has to rely on your funding from elsewhere. 
    They can get Tattoos, unless it's culturally insensitive. 
    They can put a bird on something and call it art, as long as your non white and putting that bird up isn't culturally insensitive to Native Americans. 
    They can Save the Planet from SUVs, but not their downtown on fire putting out more emissions in a night or 2 than my vehicle here in Idaho ever could in 20 years. 
    They can sleep till 11 and rebel against establishment while working a couple hours a week at a coffee shop that rebels against political establishment, until that coffee shop fires you cause that establishment 2000 miles away says you have to get a nonconsensual injection to be allowed to do it. 
    You can be yourself and weird as long as your a certified PC keyboard warrior.

    I will honor the OLD Portland it still portrays itself as in fantasy. Not the PORTLANDISTAN it has become

    "Everything woke turns to SHIT."

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