Earthquake near Portland Oregon.. West coast earthquake update.. Monday night 6/6/2022

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  1. I'm about 4 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake but I didn't feel it. It's on the Lacamas Fault centered near Camas. It runs from the mouth of the Sandy River up to the local Safeway about 1 1/2 miles from my house in Vancouver. This fault hasn't had an earthquake since the fault was discovered until today. A couple people in my area felt it, my daughter lives about 2 miles north of me and one person from her subdivision felt it, but neither of us felt it.

  2. Wow another fantastic amazing super great video info and analysis from absolutely the best channel on YouTube. Its,a total cover up they know the whole area could blow sky high people get ready. Thank you and keep up the great videos coming

  3. 😳off from tri-transporting-to many well gotta have appendix to go through transporting….
    Probable cause:being hooked up with triceratops isn't good! As well as possible new mountain '{s} in order gotta look over doing sum math.

  4. As a government agency there would be a congressional
    Oversight committee staffed
    By at least a few members may be up for reelection …
    Needs to be looked into by concerned citizens..what do you think ?

  5. In usgs monthly report recently. There was a conference of sorts of ALOT of usgs affiliated geologists
    A comprehensive
    Once in 4-5years meeting .s o we hope the party ing
    Is done by now. But maybe not ….

  6. Can a tsunami form Alaska hit Washington state? Or cslifornia…or are they to far away.
    I don't have the answer for the kids. I figure my aunts kids in California are safe. But I don't know…if its a big one.

  7. Did anyone near Portland hear a roar for a second at the time of the 2.8 earthquake? I heard a 1 second roar during a 2.7 last August while in the east coast last summer.

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