eFoil Portland Oregon: Electric Hydrofoil (Lift eFoil)

To ride an eFoil through the Portland Oregon waterfront was absolutely epic. Ever since I lived in Portland for a couple years and began my pilgrimages to Hood River and the Columbia river gorge, I’ve wanted to do a water sport along the Portland water front. An eFoil was the perfect solution. Electric hydrofoils open up new possibilities for exploration and foil surfing experiences. It’s easy to put in the back of your car, take them along with you, and foil surf the waterways you come across.

If you would like any information about Lift eFoils please call us at (909) 698-0401 or emails us at halflifet.5@gmail.com. We’d love to get you dialed in and ready to explore the waterways of the world on an efoil (electric hydrofoil).

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