Evanescence: Going Under [Live 4K] (Portland, Oregon – November 5, 2021)

Front row video I took of Evanescence performing “Going Under” at the Veterans Memorial Colosseum in Portland, Oregon. I own no rights to this song. All rights to this song belongs to Evanescence.


  1. Wow, this song is almost 19 years old! How time 'zooms' by! I was in my mid thirties then… yikes! Amy and ? Amy still sounds awesome! Well done!

  2. Great work with these videos, thanks for posting. Amy's voice is still incredible, soaring, orchestral, so powerful. And those eyes… absolutely captivating 0:19

  3. Thank you for sharing I really love this band ❤ Amy is such a special person, so simple and fun. I cried when I saw everything you shared, thank you very much, thank you

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