exploring Portland, Oregon in a weekend! TRAVEL VLOG

I loved exploring this city! There were all these beautiful trees lining the roads and the eccentric vibe and street art were wonderful.
List of spots we hit:
1. Hawthorne Asylum food trucks: The Pleasant Pheasant [7/10]
2. Vancouver Waterfront [8/10]
3. Harlow for breakfast pt. 1 [6.5/10]
4. Frog & Snail for breakfast pt. 2 [11/10]
5. 2nd Street thrift store [9/10]
6. Behind the Museum Cafe [10/10]
7. Portland Waterfront [7/10] construction :/
8. Multnomah Falls [10/10]
9. Lewis and Clark State Recreation [8/10]
10. Basilisk for dinner [8/10] just chicken lol.
11. Just Bob. for bagels and breakfast [5/10]

Would definitely recommend walking down Hawthorne street–a lot of interesting stores and restaurants there.

S/O to Leo and Nora for having us over!