1. Portland is a lawless socialist state. Do not visit there. Do not spend money there. You are not wanted. Portland is hell.

  2. And if you're up for it stop by and see the enormous homeless and drug addict population attraction and the human poop on the streets,oh and don't miss the wonderful local antifa terrorist organization maybe get assaulted for no reason! It Should be loads of fun! Come back soon.

  3. And when you run into a crowd of ANTIFA pussies blocking the road,……just peddle real fast keep your head down as you charge in the black mass,…………WTF,….you might get thru!

  4. As a Portlander, I would suggest not comparing it to San Fran or Seattle. Two very different vibes. Portland is more like what you would get if Newark and New Orleans had a baby, but everyone was friendly and respected your privacy. And there's two Portlands: Dream of the 90's Portlandia Show Portland, which was filled with strip clubs, rain & fallen leaves, a wonderfully grimy Bohemian charm, and New Portland. Which is being developed over all those favorite places and has become the haunt of soulless, pre-packaged hipster facades and overpriced condos.
    Also, the Craft Beer thing is for the tourists and very, very new transplants. Seattle gets the MicroBrew crown, not us. If you've been here & paid your dues long enough to consider yourself a local, then you know this town is about Cocktails. Because EVERYTHING is a full bar here. From the Pie Bakeries (Lauretta Jean's), Video Game Arcades (Quarterworld & Ground Kontrol), and even Hotels (Sapphire Hotel isn't actually a hotel, it's just a bar), everyone has their own cocktail menus and brunch Bloody Mary's.

  5. Born and raised here, 60 years. Just left this toilet after watching it be destroyed by liberal morons. Used to be an amazing city. Now Bums, Criminals and Freed Mental Patients make waking in this pit disgusting. It's clearly on San Franciscos trajectory. Liberalism truly is a Mental Disorder.

  6. We are full. Go away. We dont want you. Ya already fucked up our city for god sakes just leave us alone.

  7. The whole city of Portland should be demolished and rebuilt with a decent infrastructure. Oh wait, we are due for a big earthquake soon so that coming.

  8. Cover our Show on Sept. 29, 2015 @ Music Millennim – The Release of "LETS JUST KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD" on Vinyl and "Feel The Beat Beneath Your Feet"

  9. I know Portland is huge when it comes to breweries and beer, but compared to Milwaukee it isn't even close. Everybody thinks Milwaukee only has Miller Brewing, false. The craft beer craze is insane out there. I've lived in both places. Portland is getting there, but has a long way to go to reach Mil

  10. I am not sure if its the state — maybe the quality of friends or people you are surrounding yourself with…… How far are you from Portland? my email address is priiincess@aol.com ( three iii's) – I can try to help to a degree .. so email me with your subject line — "Guy from Oregon" cause honestly I was even thinking of moving to Oregon myself………lol

  11. I am reading your posts here — and am in shocked of what you say, and also very sad for you to feel so defensive and angry so much…….. I can only say that – I also felt this way when living with my dysfunctional family……..but once I got out – about 6 months later, everthing started to feel better and I surrounded myself with new people and made new friends (people who I could trust)……….. If you can, save your money and move out of the environment that is making you upset.

  12. Oregon has bad water? I am in NY and searching for the best places for me to move to and get enough property so I can build a small farm (vegetables)…..but I never heard that Oregon has bad water that can get you sick…….. can you please write back to me and eloborate……thanks !

  13. hey CNN, and other major media outlets, stop making Portland popular. Everyone who decides to live in town is making home prices become almost too expensive, and as a result, gentrification happens. Stop…it.

  14. Since you are openly bigoted AND don't know how to spell, you could have have just called me AFOL and saved yourself any embarrassment. lmfao

  15. I live in Portland Oregon, and the people fromy my experience are very diverse, I am an asian adoptee with a white family with a brother in an inter racial relationship, but some people anywhere can be racist, along with lots of other things, (good and bad). Every place (city/state/town/country/etc..) has its good & bads/ups & downs =)

  16. Seattle vs Portland? Whats better about each city and what is a draw back to each city? I currently live in Seattle and have always wanted to live in Portland but I hear getting a job there is close to impossible. Is that true? Is there anyone who lives in Portland that could help me out?

  17. I love Portland but….the beer capital of the world? uhm GERMANY?!?! pretty much anywhere in EUROPE?!?! good lord

  18. lol what a bitch, you just sound bitter as fuck cause you cant get any pooty tang or find a decent woman, step your game up G

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