Food Trucks Pod & Carts Walkthrough Portland, OREGON DownTown


In Oregon we just left Pips Donuts and are on the way to downtown Portland to take a taste at the food carts. Along the way we see some that appear to have closed down.
If you need a drink feel free at the Benson Bubbler, but for now we cross the street for more food glory!

Food trucks, Pods or Carts as they’re called in Portland on Alder Street, which is located in the city center. Portland street food is as good as it gets,
with standouts ranging from the Dump Truck (serving up killer dumplings) to

The Grilled Cheese Grill

There are three different food truck locations in Portland,
but this is the most popular location for the working class. Dig in and enjoy!

Blue Star Donuts in Portland

Mill Ends Park

Day trip to Portland, Oregon

Benson Bubblers

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