Forest Park, Portland Oregon

Forest Park, located near NW Portland OR. is an excellent place to immerse yourself in nature without driving far from the city.
There are dozens of trail heads, but limited parking especially in the summer time. Dogs are welcome on leash, and most trails are packed earth.

Have fun exploring the park!


  1. And last thing, for real, I know that I must sound all pissy and angry about the portland invasion but that's because it use to be an okay place to live and it was home but now it feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath my feet. Not that it was amazing or the best place ever, but it was nice enough and a working stiff could afford to have a decent life here. Then all these rich hipsters and their entire groups of family and friends move here and they just keep coming buying up all of the real estate and then word gets around that its cheap, even though real estate owners are getting greedier and greedier so that in a couple years of it buying a home is just a pipe dream and now it's literally impossible for a regular person to buy a home or even rent a house. Us long timers and locals are being pushed out. Not just that but all these iconic local businesses, including the comedy and jazz club, even my veterinarian had to leave because its just too expensive, too crowded, & too mean now, not to mention the entire portland area is just one giant red glob on the crime map now. So crimey! Never use to be like that . I use to walk from NE 28th to the NW 23rd where I use to work. You'd have to be out of your mind to do that now. It's so bloody dangerous. I guess I am bitter because it use to be safe and affordable just 6 years ago. Now, in just 6 years time, the portland I knew has just been completely mutilated. It is unrecognizable. It's because of the massive influx of people that have moved here in such a short time as well as the type of people. They just take and use the place up. It's become an amusement park for privileged aholes and those of us just trying to live a decent normal life got thrown under the bus in the process. I know moving away from here is inevitable, if only for our own safety. But it just sucks that everyone good is being pushed out of portland. At this rate it's just going to be some parallel of that Escape from New York movie but with a weird blend of richies, druggies, and hipsters. Plus the animal abuse here is just so rampant. It's just awful. Okay, I'll stop but yeah, I am pissed. You know what I mean.

  2. And another thing for the Portlandia Fred & Carrie fans. None of their skits are original. They STOLE almost every ounce of material from the 1990's local TV show called Almost Live from the 1990's in Seattle. Yeah Plagiarism much Carrie ? Just so fitting. An unoriginal , bastardized copy an actual good show with locals that actually liked the Northwest. Unlike, the mean spirited, mutilated, mocking that the high budget IFC 's Portlandia spread about Portland. F@&k Portlandia! They truly ruined portland. It's like a guest leaving food smeared all over the counter and then saying, "It's not my fault you have ants and cockroaches." I call Bullsh@t.

  3. I know what you mean about the quiet places in portland disappearing. All the go-to's that us locals and long-timers used to go to for peace and quiet have been nearly completely ruined by the post-portlandia hype chasers. They are all so damn loud! I guess I should feel sorry for them as they are all obviously intensely insecure always so desperate for attention that they yell-talk looking around to see if someone was possibly checking out their drama. When they aren't doing that they are stinking everything up with their weed and cigarette smoke, if they are clean cut they just get obnoxiously drunk and scream and break booze bottles in front of our apartment building. It's mostly people from the East Coast and some other crap places too , trying to make smoking, bacon , and taxidermy cool again with their pointless hipster shops and their mockery of true northwesterners wearing spotless ironed flannel, skinny jeans , lumberjack boots that "ironically" have no mud on them, overly greased beards , uncalloused hands that have never seen an honest days work, accompanied by maniacal laughing, heavy perfume, and heavy judgement of anyone that has an actual purpose in life or earned their money instead of inheriting it . They have some warped idea of us West Coast folks, like we are happy and chill because we smoke dope , are perpetually hung over, party all the time , and maybe surf? I don't know but I've heard that . None of it is true of course. Truth is we WERE happy and chill because we didn't have to put up with their BS , had room to breathe, and could afford rent at a decent place and eventually a house for. $200k or there abouts. Now after the last 6 year invasion; you can't get a basic bungalow for under $600k a nice home is at least a million, you can't walk out onto the sidewalk without a toxic cloud of cigarette smoke billowing in your face, puke-blood-and broken glass all over the sidewalk along with tons of drug addicted transients and garbage , whereas it used to just be fellow dog walkers and normal folks. You still get a few normal looking folks but 9 times out of 10 they are just some a-hole that refuses to leash their dog in heavy traffic and encourages their children to scream really loud in front of restaraunts. It's called indirect violence . It's the worst form of passive aggressiveness and it has swarmed onto portland like a cancer since this hype propaganda. Did these people ever stop and think why the NY Times keeps trying to encourage people to move here? It may be cheaper than Manhattan but it's not cheaper than New Jersey , Detroit , North Carolina, Florida , Arizona , Colorado, Idaho, Arkansas or just about ANY other place in the United States. So why here? Some sort of experiment in chaos and destruction?Carrie Brownstain and Fred -cheap rich person in real life-Armison don't really live here, they just have houses they stay in during the shooting of Portlandia. Carrie is a stuck up snob that doesn't want to be in the same room as the help when her kitchen got remodeled. So if it's not good enough for them? Yeah, its pretty bad. Just saying. FYI neither of them are from here but they have no issue with mean spirited mocking of us or cashing in on the quirkiness that use to be portland's saving grace, all the while sending out an invitation to other unfriendly parasites like themselves to come on over and eat portland up. And they did. Now it's become a turd of a city. It use to be tolerable because it was so lightly populated and with mostly workers with a tinge of rednecks, Freemasons, and a few uber wealthy snobs peppered in here and there. Now it's just intolerable. They've turned it into a filthy, unsafe, and unfun Las Vegas + New York hybrid. Someone very wise told me that this may just be the worst city on earth. Sadly , I am inclined to agree. Geez, sorry for the long rant. And I 've really only scratched the surface. Good video though, even tho triggered by the truth. So hard to find a quiet spot to just breathe in here anymore.

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