1. for people saying portland aint active there was literally 19 shootings this weekend and one of them there was more than 150 gunshots let off 💀 like bro theres been almost 1k shootins and year aint even over

  2. The number of shootings in Portland have actually increased a lot since this video came out. But Portland still isn’t some crazy dangerous city like this video made it sound like. Just a bunch of homeless people and tweakers screaming in 7/11 parking lots.

  3. Portland was no joke from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s early 2000’s. Everybody that knows KNOWS. If you a real reputable from LA or Compton go ask your big homies.

  4. I'm from (and left) the hood in California. Portland is NOT ghetto. This show and it's portrayal of Portland as some hard, thugged out place is an utter joke. The closest thing to ghetto here is just homeless people and/or tweakers. This shit is comedy.

  5. There are no violent gangs in Portland. I've never seen an active gang member period, around here. Nothing like California, where there's cities with gangs on every corner.

  6. Cj looks like your typical mouth breathing felon wanna be. I bet everytime he was arrested it was without incident. I wouldn't doubt if he was working with police on the low.

  7. The Portland you see today was not the same as the Portland we grew up in the 80’s-90’s. Luckily, it’s much safer now even with the typical summer killings.

    Let’s just say, the Mississippi Ave I grew up on was not filled with fancy baristas, ice cream parlors, vintage libraries, ballet studios, etc lol.

    Typical neighborhoods where most people refrained from was: Albina, Unthank, Alberta, King, Going, Killingsworth Area, Woodlawn, The North, and the #6, #8 and the #72 busses 😂😂😂

    Boy I miss (good) old Portland and all the culture we did have.

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