Grimm Filming Locations – Portland, Oregon

On the TV show Grimm, Portland, Oregon police officer Nick Burkhardt learns that he is a Grimm, a guardian whose role it is to maintain the balance between humanity and Wesens, mythical creatures inspired in part on characters in the works of the Brothers Grimm. Many of the crimes he and his partner investigate are committed by Wesens. Nick’s life and those of his friends and colleagues have become increasingly intertwined with the world of the Wesen.

Grimm is primarily filmed in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area, helping give the show its unique look.

The Photos (in order)

P15A0195 – The Grimm Nick Burkhardt and his girlfriend Juliette Silverton have shared this house at 805 NE Prescott Street

P15A0197 – Monroe, a Wieder Blutbad, and his wife Rosalee Calvert, a Fuchsbau, live in this home at 418 SW Hamilton Street

P15A0200 – Portland police station exteriors have been filmed at the U.S. Custom House at 220 NW 8th Avenue

P15A0203 – Police station interiors have been filmed in this building at 7214 N Philadelphia Avenue

P15A0205 – Rosalee’s Exotic Spice and Tea Shop exteriors were filmed at 117 NW 2nd Avenue

P15A0207 – In the first episode of the series, Nick was startled when he first saw Adalind Schade, his first Wesen, here at 320 NW 10th Avenue

P15A0211 – After becoming a Hexenbiest in Season 4, Juliette used her powers to knock a gargoyle off of this building at 729 SW Alder Street, nearly hitting Adalind while she was out shopping

P15A0212 – Police Captain Sean Renaud, Nick’s boss and a Zauberbiest, has lived in a handful of places, including here at Encore Condominiums, 949 NW Overton Street