Guide to Oregon Part 1: Portland Victory

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In the MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon, host Gabi Chai traverses the state to uncover the natural culinary bounty of the state of Oregon. Overflowing with great wine, coffee, food trucks, seafood, and more strip clubs per capita than any city in the world, this gem of America’s Pacific Northwest is just begging to be explored.

Gabi kicks off her journey with a caffeinated history lesson about coffee and Portland from Duane Sorenson—founder of Stumptown Coffee Roasters—before popping next door to his restaurant, The Woodsman Tavern, to partake in another Oregon specialty: a tower of fresh-caught seafood. She also eats her way through a few of Portland’s 600 food trucks to understand the regional phenomenon that has created an entirely new dining scene. And no visit to Portland is complete without a meal prepared by Gabriel Rucker, the 2011 James Beard Award Rising Star Chef of the Year and 2013 Best Chef: Northwest—we get the VIP treatment and enjoy a home-cooked meal with Gabriel and his family.

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  1. It’s so sad that Portland used to be so unique and quirky and now it’s just druggies homeless and riots.

  2. You need to add Sugar Street Bakery and Bistro on this list. Honestly the cupcakes are ridiculously DELICOUS and they are named after Portland streets…. Naito, Pettygrove, Alberta, etc. This place is so popular but still a lot of non locals have no idea about it!

  3. A great downtown Portland is now a bunch of fucking graffiti human feces and disgruntled douche nozzles good times come to Oregon

  4. Do these coffee people really go to “Ethiopia”? Or are they just saying that? I suspect they just went to visit their moms for a couple of days.
    The interactions of the host and the interviewees also seems to some degree “fake”. They seem to feel the need to be obviously “authentic” which is another way to end up not genuine but forced and calculated.

  5. Y’all missed literally the best bakery in Multnomah County: Helen Bernhard Bakery. Best doughnuts in the state.

  6. She’s overly skinny
    and on a show called “Munchies”

    Not being mean cause I’m skinny too, just hope she knows and should start eating better and healthy for herself and no hard drugs.

  7. Portland is a socialist hell. The mayor is anti American. The people are communists. It's an outlaw state.

  8. You guys are brutal. I’m from Philly and visit Portland and Vancouver once a year. I’m in love with Portland and sad I only go once a year.

  9. The bitch in the blue hoodie isn't hip or cool, she's addicted to heroin. I was certain that at some point during the coffee reviews she was going to start blowing the restaurant owner or some random passerby. Oregon prides itself in degenerate behavior, well-done weirdos.

  10. Wtf……
    You go to potato champion but ignore chicken and guns?!.. The employees and potato champion go eat the guns (potatoes) at chicken and guns

  11. Maybe make a new video on how to dodge the protesters and riots that happen daily here. Its so fucked up, I stopped going to portland a year ago.

  12. Why does the bulk of Portland food look like it came out of someone's garbage can? That crap they ate — the stuffed squid — was possibly the least appetizing thing I've ever viewed.

    And, by the way, I've lived in Portland most of my life. It's getting harder and harder to find a nice slab of rare beef and a baked tater in these parts.

  13. When he said he put ice cream in coffee …. I just lost it , i ate a 1 lit tub of ice cream made with Guatemalan coffee .

  14. casually bringing ouja board to a log cabin in the woods……you know only one of them gonna make it out alive

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