1. I've seen them harmonizing this song at least 100 times and every time these two women sing….goosebumps! They definitely need to collaborate on an album!
    Toss in Lindsay Sterling…it would be epic!

  2. That long hold of the word "me"that both Lazy and Amy do gives me the good chills every time I hear it. It don't matter if it's a video of a live performance like this one or the video of them finally recording Break-in in the studio. I love it
    Thank you Ladys. I hope that the tour is going well and that you and all of the audiences are havingva killer time. Have fun take care

  3. This is my first Halestorm encounter ~~~ Is Queen Amy writing for her? -~-~-~- Or just mentoring?

    What a potent dynamic between the two of them 😳

  4. Now, That Got Me All Reved Up, I Absulutely Love These To Hotties, Out The Back Cranking The Volume Up Another Notch, Dam' They Can Sing, I'm Breathless.. ♡.&.Thanks Skoty.

  5. I went to their concert in MA. It was the first time I went to Evanescence’s concert, so it was a dream come true to me, when Amy Lee showed up on the stage I couldn’t stop crying 😭😭😭 besides Halestorm performance was amazing! Even watching this video now, I get so emotional, thanks for uploading it 😍😍😍😍😍

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