Hate Groups March in Portland, Oregon and Police Attack Counter-Protesters

We talk with Effie Baum, spokesperson for the Popular Mobilization that organized the counter demonstration last Saturday in Portland, Oregon, where white nationalist groups Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys rallied. While we think of of Portland as one of the most progressive cities in the America, it has roots as a white utopia, where Black people were banned. This played itself out in the police attack against the anti-fascist demonstrators

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  1. This channel is total #FakeNews. Patriot Prayer aren't far-right, they're Christian prayer group. This guys is spouting off some crazy non-sense about white nationalist because he's high on #FakeNews from Wikipedia because this channel is hardcore #FakeNews.

  2. Lies! Portland has become a cesspool. Good people, move South. We've got your back. Let them have that shithole. I have never met a white supremacist in Texas. Police are not white supremacists. She is delusional. 😂

  3. All dressed in black, they raided 5th Ave, Curtis silva in his 60s fought off groups face covered, dressed in black, why, 1000 dollar nikes limited editions.. They knew what they wanted.. Antifa don't exist, funny, I got an osman warning, now called a threat to life from the serious crime squad in Scotland.. Had to move to a hotel.. Family had to hide.. But they don't exist, much love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, where antifa do exist.. Its unfortunate that LINCOLN was a REPUBLICAN, TEDDY ROOSEVELT ANOTHER REPUBLICAN, TRUMP.. Also unfortunately the Democrats will always be the party of slavery, segregation, Jim crow and now 76 days to impeach a president, yet it was 411days before Bill blew in for trial.. The Clintons are on the commission with the five families.. The Clintons have more bodies than Sammy gravano.. #Vincefoster #mena #cokehabits #saintjamescomey

  4. If one replaces fascist and extreme right wing with "not left", this video becomes a little more accurate. But only just a little..

    I mean, just look. They have to reach back to an isolated incident all the way back to 1988 to justify their portrayal of the current state of affairs..

  5. Portland pigs are well known to spectate and cheer on KLANTIFA while they physically attack people they know aren't nazis. Portland PD will get aggressive with their communist KLANTIFA friends and family members right after I win the Powerball jackpot ten times in a row.

    Utter nonsense coming from this radicalized rich girls mouth. She knows that NONE of the people Portland KLANTIFA attacks are white supremacists of any sort. KLANTIFA cant play victim in a home city where they have special license to commit serious felonies that anyone else would do decades in prison for. Oppressed in a a town where the mayor, police chief, and most of the useless pigs in blue are comrades my ass.

  6. Civil unrest may soon turn in to civil war and the antifa crowd will be out of their league and running back to mom. It will be a short run up the basement steps.

  7. Effie Baum =Gross.
    Toxic masculinity. Liberal catchphrase.
    Antifa is ANTI American and ANTI US.
    Their members are the epitome of fascism.

  8. This guy is so full of shit. The left thinks that every white man is out to get em its so wrong

  9. hate groups…..thats as far as I need to go, fake news, biased video. I don`t need to bother wasting my time watching "counter protesters" acting like fascists.The false title of the video says it all.But not being ignorant I did watch. The presenter actually laughed @ 7:16 when the woman mentions domestic terror, which is precisely what antifa are !! So I can summise from the title and the content , that this video is false and the presenter is living in a cave somewhere.

  10. Hate groups? You mean donald treason chump supporters! Even the fake Fux news is turning on Treason Chump.  Illegitimate donald treason gump should just admit defeat because soon will Frankenberry (Rudy Giulian) will do the same as Cohen and  allen weisselberg and start talking to Muller.

  11. Tyranny will always manifest itself in some form or another within this current power structure. I mean you say you ran from and rebelled against the tyranny of the crown? So does that give whites the right to come to someone else's lands and take it by force and deceit, and brazenly claim it as their own. To utterly destroy the people they found here and then steal their identity and history and destroy and suppress it forever and use them as slaves to build your wealth and infrastructure? And constantly war against them and perpetually hate and persecute them? No it does not.

    Why are whites so angry? You've successfully conquered the world virtually, with a few exceptions that is. You've got all the lands all the wealth all the guns all the nukes all the tech all the media and everyone is still a slave to the us petro dollar.

    You've destroyed all of our men and great leaders, you've driven us mad by proximity and made us to hate and prey on each other in one form or another and not be able to work with and trust each other anymore after the civil rights movement. You've spent the last few generations making sure that will never happen again. let alone any economic independence. So why all the rage? Why hate when you have it all?

    The problem is erroneous thinking and teaching and the fact that there has NEVER been any consequence for those that practice and pass on this sickness within the white community. Or should I say the problem is that no one has the power to correct those that think and teach that way other than whites. And we know you will not wage another civil war and divide your house again. #1 because it's not about money and control this time. And #2 because there are so many other foreign groups that would swoop in in a heartbeat and take over if they could get an opening. And even if the good did beat the bad into submission or out of existence. That would only leave the victors exposed and vulnerable to retaliation for all of the evil generally associated with the group.

    If only the damage done to the black family and community could be reversed and the men allowed to take control again for the sake of bringing much needed order and progression to the black community? Then there would be a solid group for the progressive whites to work with. But alas strong black men and a strong black community is counter to american interest and fears. The government has done a lot to ensure that we never produce anymore fred Doug's or T. marshalls or Marcus Garvey's or Ali's or Fred Hamptons, or Kings or malcolm's again.

    I know we are not perfect. Not hardly. You've worked very hard to prevent us from getting there. You've put us through hell for centuries and driven us mad just to exist under your domination as your prisoners of war and tools to be used at your leisure, constantly tortured in one form or another by the government and society.

    I'm not angry, nor do I hate all white people. I'm just not blind and unwilling to pretend that it isn't what it really is. There's good and bad in all of us. And we should all try to get along as much as we can and respect what we can't, and not cross each others borders. But most people are invaders and do not respect anymore.

    Respect life, people and the planet we all live on. Down with falsehoods, down with greed and oppression, down with fascism. Yea, I'm for surely Anti-Fascist. No matter if it's black, asian, indian, arabian but especially caucasian. Y'alls fascism causes world wars and junk. So down with white supremacy. Peace!

  12. These are the people that support trump and the people black repubs cant get enough of lol hilarious black trump suppporters that support someone white nationalist support

  13. STFU. Liberals are the ones Physically Attacking ANYONE who does not agree with their ideals AND DOXXing them.
    Fucking Liars!

  14. Google Joe Biden & Jerry Brown tried to Block Legal Immigration of Vietnamese in 1975. Now, Democrats did this to people from 30 Other Countries

  15. I don't know about Portland but they'll get their was beat in Seattle.
    It's more liberal than porrland.

  16. Black never back down from coward's no fear Tru coward's and there god well fall to there knees

  17. This woman is a total lier antifa clearly started the violence just watch the numerous videos on you tube antifa is identical to isis

  18. Patriot prayer IS NOT an extreme right wing group
    antifa however IS a left wing violent racist communist hate group and should be exterminated

  19. All gangs I call 4 unity ! We must come together bloods crips everybody ! We must come together and extinguish these racial flamers before they become too powerful to confront

  20. I got attacked by skinheads in a big corporation on camera in 2010… And the sheriff thought I was black American,so they showed up with some attitudes,and since they found out that I could easily defend myself in court,they told me clearly that they couldn't do anything for me because the Corp did them favors in the past….I can never forget…so I Hate Portland….if I get anybody from there overseas…they better be humble…..I have rage…..evil place…..

  21. We've had 400 years of terror on the part of white supremists….. WORLDWIDE…. and then some young punks want to protest and they are the terrorists????   Somethings wrong with that view…. its delusional

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