Haunted Places in Portland, Oregon

From luxurious downtown hotels holding fascinating history and chilling hauntings… to quirky local theaters- where it’s said the restless spirits of former employees and patrons still roam. Are you ready for the most haunted places in Portland, Oregon?


“bagdad theatre mogwai film premier”, “bagdad theatre” by Incase ( are licensed under CC BY 2.0

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“Lobby of the Benson Hotel, Portland, OR”, “Benson Hotel in Portland, OR is on fire”, “Fireplace a the Benson Hotel, Portland, OR” by sporst ( are licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. I have a friend who used to work at the Portland Rescue Mission downtown. She saw a ghost on a security camera walk down some stairs and sit next to a coworker. That coworker then came into the office afterward (where my friend was) and said she felt like a presence had sat beside her. My friend hadn't yet told her of what she saw. Freaky. I've also heard of other restaurants in Portland with haunted stories. And, of course, the old Shanghai Tunnels have a lot of haunted stories.

  2. I’m always annoyed to see Oaks Park largely ignored on these lists, my coworkers and I all had ghost stories from working there

  3. Can you do haunted places in Texas is where I was born and raised like the Emily morgan hotel that was used as a hosptail and the railroad tracks in san Antonio the alamo and the missions in san Antonio my mom or my dad have taken me there and we actually lost the battle of alamo but it was taken place in San Antonio Texas so they left the building there and the alamo dident have a roof but they built it a couple years later

  4. I live in monroe Oregon which I'm from two hours from Portland and there is a haunted pizza place before covid19 and there was a wemon who was a prostitute that she was kidnapped and that she knew something that no one wanted her to know and she was pushed off the elevator shack and I looked at my mom and started crying and said she dident desver that no one does then they had a mirror and. That she showed up in the mirror behind me and I have always been sensitive to spirts and ghost since two years after my grandma died but I felt so bad for that lady and I starting shaking and crying because I felt so bad for her

  5. I love the Pittock mansion!! So beautiful. One time I was inside touring and the lights turned on and off (btw no one was near the light switch) and even workers were confused

  6. Thanks always nice to what's haunted in area I know places over here in Vancouver, Washington too like Academy Fort Vancouver Historical society etc.

  7. I'm born and raised in Portland. I've been to the bagdad, the Hollywood and the white eagle before the mcmenamins bought it. Never saw or felt anything. The only thing I remember was a band called the blubinos at the white eagle and how loud they were. We all gave up trying to talk to each other 😂

    Good times…

  8. This is cool! None of these places are known for being haunted by the locals, and they aren’t very creepy places at all, they are all really pleasant highly populated areas. In Portland you kinda just assume if it was built before 1940s it’s probably haunted. Kelly Butte also has an extensive and creepy history and is definitely haunted , that’s an actual place to visit if you want to feel scared. Pittock, Baghdad, white eagle and Hollywood theatre are all extremely pleasant and not scary at all haha

  9. This is so funny I live in Portland and have been to these places a bunch of times and had no idea they were haunted they were just places I like to go

  10. The Baghdad has a really good local black cherry Ale. I normally dont drink brew, but it's actually a really smooth drink for a beer.
    I snuck onto the property of Pittock Mansion one night, and peaked into the windows of the rooms. That home is so creepy looking. I would really love to live there (the house is open for tour every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm-4pm).
    I've seen several movies in the Hollywood theater; to this day it is one of my favorite theaters to go to (there is one from the 1940s down the road on sandy Blvd called The Roseway theater; which I know for a 100% fact it is haunted), when I had been there I have seen shadow people. The Benson Hotel is THE MOST expensive hotel in Portland (it's almost $800 a night), and when I had gone in there to explore it, the hallways give off a really eerie vibe and you feel like you feel like you're being watched the whole time.
    The White Eagle gives private tours and allows you to spend the night if you pay them enough; it's considered the most haunted bar/hotel in Portland. Ghost Adventures did an episode on it.

  11. I haven't rly seen anything in Pittock Mansion the last few times I've been there. It does look kinda eerie, but that's about it really

  12. I've been to all of these places except the White Eagle, and I must say they are all pretty creepy. For me, the Hollywood Theater is definitely the spookiest though!!!!

  13. I have lived in Portland Oregon for 50 years. Born and raised. there is a lot I still don't know about my home.

  14. I don’t know what the hell is up with these ghosts. The LAST place I’d be haunting is my old job. I spend enough time there in life, I’m not hanging out in death!

  15. I myself was born in Portland Oregon and I would love to visit some of these places I know where a couple of these places are and have passed by them.

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