Henry Thiele's Restaurant – Portland, Oregon Then & Now

Kreepers for years Henry Thiele the Famous Chief and Restaurant owner cooked up his incredible food from Salmon Dishes to German Pancakes here in Northwest Portland, the building doesn’t exist anymore but there’s a few relics around, let’s go check it out.
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  1. Hi, thanks for the nice details about the Theile's. I lived in their neighborhood as a child, and they were extremely generous with candy at Halloween!!

  2. I am, now 73 years old. This was my neighborhood. The restaurant was pronounced Tee- Lees”. This location is called Uptown Portland. Goose Hollow is located on 28th street and Jefferson St. I appreciate your enthusiasm for fabulous locations lost. We really miss this icon restaurant in Portland.

  3. I lived in Portland in the mid-1970s, and enjoyed Henry Thiele's restaurant often. On a visit to Portland this past week, I was delighted to find his original German pancake recipe at brunch at Gracie's.

  4. I remember that iconic banana plant they always had planted in the front. The giant leaves swaying in the wind would really catch your eye as you drove by. It’s visible in some of your pictures.

  5. Back in the 80's I lived 2 blocks from there on Morrison, .. I was a poor teenage musician and could not afford Henry's type restaurants…..lol..
    I COULD afford 25 -50 cent hamms / pbr at the Kingston and the Matador just down Burnside !! sure has changed. Cheers Kreepr !

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