Homeless in Downtown Portland, Oregon

The homeless are starting to take over the streets of Portland, Oregon and the situation is getting way out of hand. Today we will cruise the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon and I will show your first hand what the situation is like right now in the city. Please let me know what you think about this situation in the comment section! Also don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe!


  1. I can't just sit around and my life is in ruins " I gotta work or hustle but I can't just sit around " I have no time to beg I have no time to feel sick . I gotta go to work or be doing some work but no sitting around especially if you're homeless .

  2. I would recommend you to research this situation and propose how to solve it, otherwise it seems you are taking advantage of this people to entertain yourself and others from an Ivory tower.

  3. I can't believe both mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon just made it worse than before and doing nothing about it and still get paid and live in nice place instead of trying to fix it

  4. Republicans suck. Look at the problem. Offer a solution.
    This covid has us working from home so there are few people around.
    We didn't have a homeless problem noticeable in 1970. What has changed, then fix it. Clearly some are not getting assistance with their Mental Health and are likely to turn to self-medication. Which can quickly become a addiction.
    I would like to see a County Public Poor House. Likely not publicly acceptable. Maybe private funded Offering. Medication and food for small place to reside. Of course offer police parking and small office on site, maybe call it a substation.
    Maybe a big backyard for those who want to reside in a tent.
    Everybody wants to solve this problem. The question is how. Complaining about it seems to be going nowhere.

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